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2020 has been a new learning curve for each and every industry. Despite coronavirus affecting all the world and people still recovering, many  have started their new business, working on their passion and have been excited about their business for the future. Regardless of the industry, every single company has adopted the new style of work with the cliche that 2020 has been one hell of a year. 

The new year brings new hope and although the whole world is recovering, the economy has been circulating and has not stopped. In fact, technology has brought the whole world together and made many unexpected work possible.

Here are some of the new thing what will work in 2021


Zoom call has been one of the biggest hits of 2020. The virtual conferences, classes, and meetings help make the world come a little closer. Although, in person communication where understanding people’s behavior, cues and body language has been restricted, the communication still went on without any issues. Work in 2021 promises that new way of working.

Wellbeing at the forefront

Some of the employees may have found a little workspace at their cozy apartments, while some found it extremely difficult in their homes who could not find babysitters and caretakers and had to handle everything on their own. 

In 2021, employers must bring wellbeing to the forefront, caring more about the mental health of their employees than just demanding to be productive. Compensating their family time because they had to watch their children and take care of their family needs must be avoided by the employers. 

Competency-based Organizations  

Many have been laid off from their jobs, while many have been hired during the pandemic. In 2021, employers must hire employees as per their competency and more organized should become competency-based. The competency that only humans possess and cannot be replicated by AI should be in the forefront. 

Retraining remotely

Remote work became trending in 2021. Some employers even provided employees with the tools required so that their employees could work without any interruption. 2020 also taught everyone throughout the world that remote working is after-all not bad at all. Company saves a lot of money and still gets the result while employees could visit their family and friends they had not in a while, still working remotely. In 2021, this is going to be one of the big trends and even moving forward, the better trend would be introduced to the world. 

And training the future workforce

The concept of a traditional working environment has been redefined in the year 2020. People needed different kinds of skill sets, and moving forward this shall continue as well. The future workforce should become advanced to the skillset that already exists and many jobs will be automated.  Proper training for the workforce is essential especially to the younger generation since they have been so much on the internet. 

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