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News portals are one of the best sources of information. Every news portal has digitized from the old school printing news.  A decade ago, you had to wait for a newspaper delivery man to bring the fresh news to home, if they did not come, you might not have access to the brand new News and what is going on in the country and internationally. Although, a lot has changed over the years and now you can get the breaking news just on your smartphone with a simple tap. 

Over the years, many things have changed and journalists have changed the way of writing. The creativity of a journalist may sound something big like it is not a big deal and the smallest thing sounds like a big deal. It is up to a journalist how they present the news to the reader and how they can give the quality instead of making everything political or commercial. 

Here are the three tips that a reader looks for in any news portal

Creative Content 

Content is one of the most effective and important things in any news portal. If something new happens, content creation takes a while and focus on the client that reads your news website. In order to make a news worth the read it should have all the details, yet it should also not be lengthy. A creative content means, it starts from the news headline, a good headline means most likely a reader would click on the news to read the details. 

There are also news portals that do not have a catchy headline, killing the interest of people to even read the content. Interesting news that keeps the reader interested in the content is the best feature of a creative content. It will also want to make the customer come back to the same news portal. 


Copyright is another important aspect of the things that a news portal should take care of. There are numerous news portals, giving readers the same news around the same time. However, some of the reporters, especially freshers, do not realize the importance of the penalty caused by plagiarism. Furthermore, if the news has already been published by another media, there are chances that the company may claim the copyright. If you plagiarize the work of other media the channel might face some legal issues. Therefore, keeping the creative content, making the news want to be read by the reader without getting sued by another media is essential for any news portal.

Customer base

Just like any online store, or a shop, even News Portals also have a dedicated customer base. Nowadays News portals are usually owned by the political party. It means that the news portals publish the news that benefits the specific political party. The creative content that makes another party look bad, like they have to win the argument and make the owner or a shareholder look good to the voters. Write the news for the readers and not for yourself.

However, there is an independent News Portal that believes in providing the right news to the clients. These news portals focus on the niche market and they have targeted clients. They believe in providing the right information to the readers. 

In Nepal there are many old new portals that used to print newspapers and now have changed with the market. News portals like Gorkhapatra, Kantipur and the Himalayan times are the oldest and most trusted among the Nepalese citizens. Although, the market has changed and the newspaper has become a commodity of just making money instead of providing the news that people are looking for. Newspapers and new portals make a lot of money from the advertisement. However, if there are no advertisements they barely make money. 

There are also news sources that are not registered and just provide the news to common citizens and the citizens also believe it. Although, there are penalties and hefty fines for these types of sources that do not have registration numbers. Easiest way to know if the source is credible, scroll all the way to the footer to find out if the source is credible. 

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