3 Barriers at Workplace that Effects Productivity

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When we work for an organization we spend so much of our productive hours at a place our productivity depends on the energy around us. The energy could be altered by the kind of communication we have with our colleagues. Effective communication can not only help with the higher turnover rates, it can also make the workplace one of a kind. However, if there are communication issues and language barriers at the workplace, it may result in the loss of competent and talent members. 

Language barriers could be caused by management, employees, way of communication, stress, not enough leaves and pressure of work. If people cannot prioritize their work or if the policies are not implemented properly, it may lead to bitterness among the staff and management. One of the most important things that matters at the workplace is the communication with each other.  

There are many language barriers that may exist, the listed three may result in decreased productivity:


One of the language barriers is multitasking at the workplace. With so many distractions around, employees may feel that they need to check their phones every single time they receive the notification. Checking emails or text messages that keeps everyone distracted. Multitasking is a barrier to productivity. Once employees start multitasking, it may cause stress making the communication ineffective. Therefore, it’s essential to learn to effectively and efficiently communicate without stressing out. 

Poor Communication

Poor communication among colleagues is another reason that is one of the language barriers at the workplace resulting in low productivity. The flow of communication is crucial and how it works is also another most important aspect. Most of the organizations are hierarchal and now there are workplaces that have open door policies. Furthermore, there are supervisors who over communicate and can give too much information but not the relevant information. There are supervisors who do not communicate enough and expect their employees to take care of the whole project. 

Inconsistent Policy Enforcement

A good policy that serves employees as much as the employers has proper guidelines and does not become a barrier at the workplace. However, if the policy is not enforced to every single employee that shows unfairness, low morale, questions of favoritism. In addition, when there are issues with race, sex, disabiliy, religion or any other discrimination due to unequal treatment. Inconsistent policy treatment may cause groupism and unhealthy relationships between management and employees. It becomes one of the barriers that causes poor communication resulting in discontent and suspicion among employees. 

Effective communication is crucial for productivity, this could be less stressful to some and can give back more to the company. If someone tends to demoralize someone else and does not properly communicate there must be a policy to straighten things out. 

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