5 Communication traits of a leader

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Communication traits are one of the most important tools of an extraordinary leader. There are different ways a leader communicates with their peers and everyone they work with. There are many traits an extraordinary leader has; however, communication is one on the top of the list. 

An extraordinary leader always understands what to say and when to say it. They have empathy and  relate to you with an ease. 

Listening, answering the question so that they can understand, making people understand how to do things without demoralizing them. Positive reinforcement works in all kinds of relationships. This kind of a leader smiles at you and understands why your ill toddler had caused you to be a little late at work. The leader who makes you want to come to the work and spend more than your scheduled time. 

Communication traits: Listening

Listening is another communication traits is one of the most important things anybody could do. In order to be a good listener, you have to calm and quiet and listen to understand and not to reply. Understanding the emotions behind the message and reply relevant answers considering the emotions involved. If someone fresh at the company presents you with an idea, setting your prejudice aside and listening to them shall give them courage to reach out to you. 

Answering to the point

A good leader understands the questions and if they do not understand it, they ask questions to make his confusions clear. Similarly, if his peers ask him the question, he makes it clear so that they understand to complete the task. Answering without being ambiguous is another communication traits and keeping things collected. Some of the people get promoted to the leadership role however, they have not learned to find solutions to the answers. Getting to the point, being assertive at the same time, being polite is how answering to the questions works. 


A simple complementing goes a long way. There are so many people who are in the management position, however, not everyone knows how to be kind with words. Just for the sole reason that they are in the management position, they become rude with words and take the credits of their team members. However, a simple act of complimenting someone would encourage them to do more work and learn from one another. Sending kudos on LinkedIn is one way to complement a team member.

Managing meetings

An extraordinary leader can manage meetings with the clients, peers and the one with both clients and peers. Lets take for an instance, that there are eight team members in a zoom meeting or in a room. A good leader can conduct the meeting without making it vague, lengthy and boring. They can keep the client and the members engaged without making the meeting boring. 

Positive Reinforcement

Just like how children should be given positive reinforcement so that they can progress, as an adult also that is essential. If a team is appreciated for the work they have done, or at least tried to do their best, then, a lunch out, a bonus or something that will encourage the team to perform better. This improves the performance of team members and builds a competitive environment in the office. 

An extraordinary leader can take care of the business. Not only do they work for the benefit of the company but also, work to build the team along with the work. They are loved by everyone even if they may seem intimidating to some. 

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