5 Best Apps to Reduce Eye Strain

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One of the worst things if you sit in front of your laptop for work causing eye strain. Are you a person who spends 8-10 hours in front of the computer or your phone? Do you get headaches and pain in the eyes? Although we get caught up with the pile of work and become the best employee, we hurt our wellbeing and eyes. We might be aware of many tools available in the market and some of us also take breaks in between. It’s extremely essential to take those mini breaks every 30 minutes or every hour, so that, when we get home we do not have migraines. On Appstore

Awareness for Mac and Windows

Awareness is a free application available in Mac and Windows, which allows you to take regular breaks in between your screen time reducing eye strain. You may set your own time on how long you allow yourself to sit in front of the computer before you take a break and the time span you take the break. While using this application, you will hear a singing bowl, just like you are meditating, therefore alerting you to take a break. Furthermore, this application does not lock you out from your work however, it keeps track of the time you actually took a break. Besides, you will also know if your eye strain has reduced over time. 

Eye Pro for Windows

One of the most used applications on Windows is Eye Pro. This application reduces your eye strain as well as keeps your eyes moist. It reminds you to blink your eyes regularly, one of the essential things to keeping your eyes moist. Researchers have proved and demonstrated that people who use screens do not blink enough. Therefore, learning to blink while working one of the important features. Eye Pro also allows you to set your break either long or short by customizing. It also provides tips to exercise your eyes. 

Time Out for Mac

An exclusive application for the Macbook users, Time Out is an amazing application that makes you take good breaks. After every ten minutes it makes you take a 10 seconds break so that you can relax your eyes and work them out, reducing eye strain. Furthermore, it also forces you to take a 10 minutes break followed by 50 minutes of work time. It may seem a lot of break time for a lot of people, therefore, it allows you to set up your own time and customize as per your requirement. This application not only does wonders for your eyes, it also helps improve posture, helps you relax and relax. 

Twilight for Android

Twilight is another amazing application to allow and makes you the necessary breaks. This application is built based on important scientific research. A circadian rhythm is a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours. It can refer to any biological process that displays an endogenous, entrainable oscillation of about 24 hours. This application is based on Circadian rhythm. Therefore, this application has demonstrated that in the future  application helps people sleep better since, it causes less eye strain.

F.lux is the same application for apple users. 

iReader for Firefox and Chrome

Firefox and Chrome are the most used browsers. Even apple comes with built in safari, however, because of ease of use, extensions most users find Firefox and Chrome a lot flexible. iReader comes into picture and removes all the extra advertisement and the talking ad videos. Therefore, removing all pictures with colors and extra unnecessary stuff that could hurt your eyes. One of the best applications for your eyes, if you have extreme eye strain.

Although meeting the deadline is important! However, nothing is more important than your health and well being. If you do not purchase the UV rays glasses that protect your eyes, installing and using these applications could save a lot of money from ophthalmologists. Do not ever forget your eyes are precious and save them so that you do not have to wear glasses and to reduce eye strain with contact lenses.  

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