What 5 things make people eager to buy ?

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What 5 things make people eager to buy ?

We all have heard about impulse buying, making someone eager to buy from you even though they do not actually need it. The magazine, bag of your favorite chips or candies where a supermarket keeps on purpose. These products are placed right by the checkout counter because the marketer knows a consumer buying behavior. The companies know how to persuade the customers with a great bargain and create a need and urgency. 

There are a few things the marketing team knows to make you eager to buy the products that you probably do not even need. 


Your product should be something they need at that particular time. Just like when you are waiting on a checkout line, you might be standing at the checkout line and there is a magazine with a sensational title. The marketers create a need for you to grab the magazine and take a look at the article. Therefore, when a company knows the buying behavior they make the need for customers to increase their sales and you want things that you did not know you wanted. 


A persuasive communication eg. copywriting. People buy things after reading or hearing words. When a consumer hears what they want to hear, they are more prone to listening to the stories a product or a company has to say. A good sales and marketing team makes your thoughts align with the feelings just by their words on a product and how it’s marketed. 

A great bargain

You need to offer a no brainer payment option. People need to perceive that they will get a value higher than your asking fee. During the Christmas sale, no matter how expensive things are, people still buy gifts. However, people also look for a great bargain and look for things on sale. Throughout the year people always look for  


A promise of transformation beyond what they would buy your product or service. When you are selling a weight loss tea or a muscle gain protein bar, the model’s should resonate with the message. Meaning a simple picture conveys the message. Any product or service you are trying to sell must give something new than whatever they were getting from the old product or services. It should transform their lives one way or the other. 


Your urgency has to be real. If you say you’d take something away in the next 5 hours. Do so! If you give the right thing at the right time then, the client is more eager to buy from you. One of the most important ways to keep your customer is customer service. If you take care of your customers, they will always stay loyal to you. Understand their urgency and provide them with their necessities. 

These are the few of the things that make people eager to buy from you. When a business has loyal customers, they will not only stay loyal to your brands they will also promote it in their social media, family and friends. It is free publicity and marketing for any business who are trying to get ahead in the market. Its high time when a simple business also has many competition and coming up with a best plan that actually works for you is important. 

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