5 things to do before you are job hunting

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5 things to do before you are job hunting

The year 2020 has changed everything in the job market and the process of job hunting. Our style of work has changed, working from home has become a new thing, networking via zoom, LinkedIn is mostly done than meeting a client for a coffee or lunch meeting. No matter how the things have changed there are certain things that have stayed the same. For instance, the way we look for a job and how the human resources find a perfect candidate for the job. 

A resume, good presentation of yourself and nailing that interview are the few things that still get you the job. Therefore, when you are job hunting you must understand certain things in your mind. 

Update your resume

It is extremely necessary to be up to date with the resume. In a month many things change like you might start volunteering at a new place, you may work at an event and so on. Many things change in a few weeks, you learn a new skill and many more. Therefore, updating your resume is important when you are job hunting.

Network with industry people

Networking is essential. These days conferences, workshops and events are all held online. Networking helps with more than just getting a job. Sometimes job hunting could just lead to starting your own business if you could network with the right people. Networking has become the key. Therefore, networking with industry people really helps with job hunting. 

Volunteer at various events

One of the key ways before you start job hunting is to volunteer at various events. It not only helps with networking with people, it also helps with finding your dream job. It is not only doing food for the community, it also gives a way to engage yourself in the community, learning how to deal with different kinds of people. 

Practice your interviewing skills

One of the most important things before you are on a job hunt is practicing interviewing skills. It can be one of the skills you can practice with friends or even your family. One of the most important things to get a job and before even hunting for the job is to practice your interview skills. 

Update your online portfolio

In the digital world, where nowadays, before hiring everyone looks you up on the digital space. Therefore update your portfolio online especially on professional websites like LinkedIn. 

Start Up-Skilling 

There are many ways you can upskill. Learning a skill could help with the new job that you are planning to get. Start upskilling if you are on a job hunt. 

These are the few things you can do before you are job hunting. 

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