Branding Vs Marketing: What is important ?

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Branding Vs Marketing: What is important ?

Most of us confuse Branding Vs Marketing to be the same. However, there are many differences between branding and marketing. One could be considered as a navigator while the other as the conveyor. There are many differences between the two and as a digital marketer or a person working with brands, it is essential to know the difference between the two. 

In any digital agency, branding and marketing goes hand-in-hand and it’s important for both the teams to work together to make any business outshine. 

Here are a few differences between branding and marketing and how they work together to make a product, services or business successful.

Branding vs Marketing, navigator vs conveyor 

Branding deals more with the color, fonts, logo and how to make the product or line of product stand out from its competition. When you are creating a brand for a hospital it uses a certain appealing color. Similarly, the logo of a hospital should also be simple yet pleasing. However, marketing is more about explaining what the brand actually stands for and how it works for its customers.

Branding: Foundation of Marketing

Branding is the foundation of your marketing, it comes first & Marketing Comes after some form of branding has been done. Marketing is possible if the branding is done right. When you know how to sell your products that means the marketing is done properly. Branding is a foundation of marketing any product or any business. Once, the logo, color and everything that comes with the brand is determined then, the marketing team can come up with the strategy. Then, the marketing team can market it to the target audience, the catch line and even how to present the brand to the group of targeted people. 

Branding keeps customers and Marketing gets you customers

Ever heard of anyone only buying certain brands? For e.g. NIKE fans or Michael Jordan fans would buy everything that is Nike, that is called being loyal to the brand. Therefore, each line of product that hits the market is properly crafted. Knowing the difference in Branding Vs Marketing gets you the loyal customers. Once there are loyal customers, they would choose a brand vs their competitor. However, if a brand comes up with a new line of product, then, the marketing must be done focusing on the specific targeted audience. 

Branding is core, Marketing changes

Branding is your core, it rarely changes and Marketing evolves and changes all the time. Branding rarely changes. It is the core of the business. Once the branding has been set up, it becomes the base for everything that comes for the future. For e.g. if Zara comes up with the line of products focused on kids.The branding stays the same however, marketing for the children’s line of clothes must focus on the color, design and everything else focusing on what’s appealing to the children. However, in such cases also, the brand stays the same with only marketing material changes. 

Branding makes marketing work & Marketing makes branding work.

Branding makes marketing work & Marketing makes branding work. Branding and Marketing are different and essential for anything to grow. However, both these entities work hand in hand. The best metaphor for branding and marketing could be the relationship between fish and water. In an aquarium, fish need water to survive, but to make the aquarium beautiful, we add pebbles, plants, more fish that are suitable for water,lights and many other things. Branding is the core of the business, however, to make it appealing marketing plays a huge role. Therefore, branding makes marketing work and marketing makes branding work. 

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