How to sell a design project?

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How to sell a design project?

Selling is an art and selling design projects is another challenging art. A design project takes a lot of time, effort and creativity for it to be considered to  be sold to a client. Not all designs are what the clients are looking for, therefore, a person must consider several things before considering selling a design project. Sometimes we put our heart and soul to a design project and it just goes to waste because that is not what a buyer is exactly looking for. So, there are several steps to be considered to be able to sell a design project.

Anything you are trying to do well needs consideration and through market research. Here are 7 things you might want to consider to be able to sell a design project. 


Use marketing tactics to generate leads and opportunities. You must have a thorough research about the market. When you are trying to sell a design project in a specific country, you must consider their cultural and political point of views. A proper market research will allocate the client, target audience and it would be easier to create the project that actually works. If you are focusing on European countries, then, something you have created for Asian countries or even Americas might not work. Therefore, market research is crucial to sell a design project.


In order to make a sale, the project must meet the requirements of the client.  Just like the market study, a proper branding, designs and usability is another aspect to be able to make a sale. Have brief conversations with the client to determine “fit”. Are they a good fit for you? Are you a good fit for them? When you approach a school with a specific project design with colors and brands that is used for a hospital, it is obvious that your design will be rejected. Therefore, understand the need and create something amazing with proper usability and functionality so that it qualifies with the needs of clients. 


Meeting with a client and having in depth conversation with them to find out what problems they are facing and what kind of solutions could be offered is another important aspect to sell a design project. When you engage in a conversation with the client it would help you discover their problems. Meaning of design is something that solves problems. As a solution provider, when a client presents you with their problem, then, a design project must solve the problem. 


Setting up boundaries and determining the scope of a project is another thing to consider when selling a design project. Oftentimes, when a solution is proposed to the client, the proposed solution may be out of the budget, or given timeline or scope. Therefore, staying within the scope and determining how a project detail could be discussed when you solve the client’s problem. Create a detailed project scope, price for the engagement and a proper timeline, otherwise, a project could get extended without any fruitful result. 


Drafting a proposal is important, however, the most important thing is to prepare  a detailed proposal. A detailed proposal that describes what includes and what does not will be a lifesaver, because many times the client assumes so many small fixes are included in the project free of charge. Therefore, present a proposal to your client showing them how you will solve their problem and what things are included in the proposed documents. This proposal would sell a design project to the appropriate client. 


Start your work only after the contract has been signed, without creating a detailed contract showing exactly what you will do and what the client will pay. Have the client sign the contract because it would save a lot of headache in the future. A contract binds both the parties and can sell a design project. 

Executing the project 

Project execution where the client reviews the scope, introduces team members, discusses milestones dates, and answers questions.

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