Nepal Ecommerce market and Websites

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Nepal Ecommerce market and Websites

Smartphones, laptops and tablets have made life easier for everyone. For anybody who has smart phones, it has never been easier to keep track of your health progress, meetings, reminders, and news and get instant message just by a tap on the phone. Wi-Fi and Internet has made everything including shopping for your favorite clothes, books, electronics and placing an order online has made it simple and easy for busy lives. Downloading an app and placing an order online is preferred by most working professionals and also by stay home parents. 

In the fast paced digital age, eCommerce website has taken over Nepal market as well. In the past decade, eCommerce websites like,, and has ruled over hearts of many who are extremely busy and want to avoid hassle of visiting a store. Everything online would be delivered to your doorsteps, making it convenient for the consumers to enjoy their quality time instead of spending of going out and shopping. In and you would be able to purchase wide range of products like electronic devices, baby items, groceries sports, clothing etc. With the same day delivery option online shopping has been one of a kind choice to send gifts and buy daily items. 

Although, the number of eCommerce has increased and provide quality service, some of these websites only accepts cash on delivery. provides several payment gateway options with esewa, khalti, ipay, npay. Most of the eCommerce websites for Nepal is limited with payment option making it limited to listing websites vs. eCommerce platform. There are also options for and to pay for the selected items via. Selected back accounts.

Furthermore, many online shoppers in Nepal find an issue and do not trust the payment gateway option for the security reasons. Ecommerce websites are fully functional considered functional if they could provide a clients with a safe way of online shopping, where their information are secured. Perhaps, in the upcoming years, demand of the online shoppers and buyers would increase and both would be able to buy and sell products with an ease online.   

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