5 Things to Consider to Reduce Work Pressure

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There is no shortcut to success! Success only comes to those, who work hard and believe in what they do. At home or in the professional life, things fall into place only if we work hard. The craving for learning and always being hungry for more gets you what you actually want.

Although we work hard, go beyond our comfort zones, we still do not get things done or feel like we do not have enough hours in a day. Here are some tips, when you are swamped with workload and still cannot figure out what could we do to not have a lot of work pressure.


Remember, those folders still on your wallpaper, those files you downloaded, edited and forgot to put it on a correct folder, because you were in a rush and your manager was “URGENTLY” needed those file. Yes, those ones, get rid of those clusters. You do not need them anymore! It was 3 months ago, when your manager needed it. Keep your desktop clean. To achieve and get most out of the day and your working hours is to be organized.


Most of us work on what is in front of us and finish as it comes. However, remember that is called going with the flow is not the the best way to get things done and the most important work requires more attention. In order to prioritize, you should always remember which work is the most important work for the day and for the week. You do not want to be those back benches in the college years, who looked at the most important questions and got a passing GPA. You want to be a person who know what they did and how it would be useful for other works.


One of the crucial part of getting most out of your day is time-management. If you do not organize or prioritize, you would never be available to manage your time. The most important agenda would be to pay more attention to the critical tasks. If you can only entertain two meetings in a day, do not accept the third client, because you will perhaps, waste their time and your energy. Anyway, a grumpy meeting is worse than no meeting at all. Reschedule if you know you would not be able to give undivided attention to the person in front of you.

Learn to say No

When you already have your schedule full, stop saying “yes” to more work just so you do not upset someone or because you know you can get it done. It is not about you get paid or your are a perfectionist and you cannot trust another person to finish work. Some works can be divided in each team members and achieve greater results. If you say yes to each and everything that comes your way, then you would not complete a single work for the day. It’s better not to take the workload than not accomplishing anything at all.


At the end of the day, when you are done with your checklist, do not forget to breathe and relax. After all, you will need energy for your personal life, family and friends. You should learn to disconnect and keep time for yourself. We all are professionals and we know things does not get done itself, however, we also have the next day to work. Relax and leave your work at the workplace, do not take your laptop home or those files you could not finish that day. We all have 24 hours in a day, we can’t make it 26 hours. So, it’s OK to go home, spend time with your family and relax.

Creativity, hard work following by good amount of luck could lead you to the after all, experts were once beginners. Making mistakes never cause you harm, it only makes you better if you learn from it and make yourself better again. If you have everything perfect you become a camel. A perfect big gorgeous eyes, long neck and long legs, small body and even can live without water for days. However, if you look at the camel all together it looks uniquely different. 

Nonetheless, everything we learn cannot be done all at once, it takes time to master one thing. 

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