6 Trending Marketing Tools for 2019

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A digital marketing technique is emerging and has changed quite a bit in 2019. A marketer would agree that marketing strategies are valuable and help in sales, business growth and development of a product or services. A proper marketing technique would go a long way and plays significant role in the success of a business.

Content is everything

Know how to entice your audience, put out the best content for them, inspire them, provoke their thoughts, excite them, and find something that appeal to their emotions. Setting a goal to not only to put yourself out there hoping they would see and respond to what you are providing them. The goal should rather encourage and engage them. If they are encouraged and engaged on your page there are 98% chance they would share with their network. Content could be anything, social media post, blog post, quotes, it always helps in two-way communication. Communication is always a key to build customer trust and keep the business running.

Voice Search over Text search

With the greater demand of the busy lives of people all over the world, virtual assistance is one of the most demanding features for the working professionals. Siri on iOS devices, Alexa or Google Home, people prefer to use more of a voice search to text search. Voice search has become an ingenious bit of technology. People place order for their food, get to their destinations, or even shopping has become efficient with voice search features. One of the best thing about using voice search is, it reduces the screen time and works with ease without pulling their devices.

Video is a Must

YouTube has become a learning platform for younger children to older generation DIY people. A platform like this is consumed by 73% of all Americans. Digital video marketing, in so many ways, offers more than just marketing for your product or service. In fact, it’s a game changer in 2019. Most people, now a days are inclined to learn by watching. With the increasing demand of eLearning and virtual assistance, videos have become one of the important tools for anybody to market their business. Furthermore, there is more than just watching videos learn by listening podcasts, audiobooks like Blinkist. Video Digital Marketing is one of the best ways to capture and convey a lot of information and your brand’s personality with video.

Personalized Email

In 21st century, where more than half of the population has gone digital, generic sales and marketing pitch has become less interesting to most people. However, personalized email marketing has become a replacement. With the help of email marketing, you can trigger emotions, or something that a customer cares about with a personal story, pictures, and demo videos or content, you can promote a particular product, service or market your business. Furthermore, combining a personalized email with re marketing techniques, it can trigger to motivate actions.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook is still a leading platform for social media marketing. A lot of small businesses run through Facebook. Over the years, this social media platform has given a chance to run free promotions and advertisement for small business to large enterprises. Facebook also has given a platform to boost an event, product or service. Hence, it is still an amazing digital marketing tool.

Another best digital marketing tool is Instagram, which has allow younger generations learn so much about different types of products and services out there. IG lets a business promote its product, service, event, it is growing amongst millennial that can capture a lot of attention. IG’s meteoric rise has already passed one billion users, which means it is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms.


Social media influencers have become one of the trending ways to influence the consumers. When influencers, business owners promote a brand or a service on the social media, their followers are highly likely switch services or buy the product. Influencer marketing helps a consumer relate to someone they know or have followed on a media or a while. Although, previously, celebrity were paid high amount to endorse their product and convince the consumers, however, with the influence of social media, people relate themselves with a peer or who they know. Audience would most likely respond to the social influencers.

Marketing and sales go hand in had for any business. Utilize the marketing budget in an effective way. These are the few techniques that would help your business grow and nurture. Digital marketing has taken a place of complex marketing techniques; so, keep an eye on emerging technologies and patterns.

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