5 Things to Consider Before you Develop a Mobile App

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You are ready to embark upon a new journey came up with a plan to fulfill the necessity of the online users. Entrepreneurs all over the world get high results or the whole strategy goes down the drain if you do not consider certain things before you start your business. There are a lot of challenges that you would know come along the way and which you are ready for. However, there are also many that come unexpected. You can be ready for so many challenges and get rewarding results. Whereas, in some cases, you fail miserably, because you did not consider simplest issues and procrastinated to solve the same issues, however, there are a few points you could consider before you start on building a mobile app.

1. Target Audience

Find your target market and focus on that core group and don’t try to market it to anybody other than the same professionals, age group or anybody you are targeting. It is always best to stick to one group of audience and provide them with the service. This specific group will always give you enough feedback for you to develop the same service and product for another target group. Perhaps, in the later phase in the app you can always target more people. Always be specific about your product and do not deviate from your initial idea, otherwise, your scope becomes bigger, which will cost your more money, time and resources.

2. Take a Survey

Usually, any business before investing in developing expensive product or a mobile app takes a market survey to see the likes and dislikes preference of the audience.They might be frustrated with something that already exists in the market or they would like to switch because of the poor service. Before you invest in anything, know your audience, their need and what are you giving them so that they switch from what they already have. Develop and research well enough before starting your project.

3. Specific Goal of the App

Let’s be real, a mobile app costs so much money, resources and time to build. When you build an app it comes out of necessity to make your customer’s life easier. You want to develop a need and make an app as simple as usable as possible for the audience. At the end of the day, if they do not use the app and if it does not have proper functionality, you are the one at loss. As business person, if it does not satisfy need of your audience, you are not only losing money for something you work so hard on, it could also build frustration and lose trust of your audience. Henceforth, always try to make your app as simple as possible and make sure they have simple functionality that does not frustrate the users.

4. Functionality and Usability

Once you have figured out your target audience and know their need another most important thing for is to make your application as simple and usable as possible. Last thing you want is any app asking for too much personal information and nobody actually using it. The app should be as simple and the most used items should be visible to the audience.

5. Ensure Security Measures

There is no way that you could prevent your ideas for someone to copy it and launch it before  you are even at the point of delivery. Ideas can also not be patent. Ensure your ideas are secured and you do not share them with anybody and if you were to share it with anyone they should be only limited people who you can trust. Even though you have shared your ideas with the people you trust, do not give them the whole picture of your project. Last thing you want is someone stealing your idea and dumb fold you just because you decided to share it with them.


There are considerably many numbers of things that you could think of before you develop anything. However, before you invest yourself in making all the effort, spend time, money and resources on developing an app making sure you do your research and find what is necessary in the market is a must. Learn from the pros, go on ted talks, listen to the podcasts, and find eBooks, lectures and conferences. The experienced ones will have be like a mentor and help you with avoid mistakes they have made and share their knowledge.

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