Social Media for the Content Distribution

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Social Media for the Content Distribution

In the digital age, when we are busy creating content, only few of us are cautious about if the content is getting to the right kind of audience. There are several ways to distribute your content to the specific group you are focused on or reach broad audiences.

There are many platforms to distribute the content to the target audiences but there are three broad categories for the content distribution- paid media, owned media and earned media. 

Paid Media

Paid media are used by the new brands to get into their broad array of audience. Social platforms like Facebook ad and boost a post, helps reach more numbers of viewers. The buying behavior of a customer is triggered by the visibility of the product. The buying behavior of a person depends on the content distributed by the brands by collecting his data online. The basic formula for sales is that if it is visible and available, consumers are more likely to buy the product.

Owned Media

Almost all of the startups start with a completely owned media. There could be several reasons why the start-up choose owned media. To begin with any start-ups might just have only few products or services or probably one person could handle most of the social platform because they are driven by their business. Some examples of the owned media are websites, blogs, and social media channels. For anybody who is start-ups or a large corporation, core content should only be published on the platforms you own to protect business for any changing rules from any other platforms. 

Earned Media 

Many businesses make a mistake of spending a lot of money in marketing. It could be a mistake to spend money and thinking “either go big, or go home” and targeting broad audience who would probably not be interested in your generic ad content. While marketing, if you focus on intended target group and focus on a specific content to attract the targeted customers, the money spent would bring more in return. Otherwise, the content that reaches the uninterested recipients, will irritate and lead to negative earned media. 

Earned media- when you put passion and effort on a content, product, service, marketing, customer support, a prospect client might leave a positive feedback on a social platform like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. This kind of customer becomes a part of your distribution channel. Now, everybody leaves a feedback, comment and recommendation on their experience for every single business, which drives business towards you or away from you. One of the most powerful channels is formed when a client shares their experiences on social media or any digital platform vouching your business. Your business or brand gets credibility, which leads to gain trust from more clients and drives traffic to your business. 

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