4 Tips for SEO: Content for Better SEO Ranking

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The best way to describe your product to your client in email or any post is with the best content that describes the features of the product. Content such as description, video links, images to explain features helps with the Search engine optimization (SEO) ranking of any website.

Designs, functionality, ease of use for a website is important for a business to get more loyal customer. Another important aspect of the website is the value added content for a customer. Content that gives information would engage more customers, read more and share it without you paying a dime to the customer.


In order to write the best content for the post, best keywords that allows users to get link to your website on Google search is extremely essential. Moreover, content helps not only get the information about the post, but also about the business and keeps the visitor engaged on the website. These content does not necessarily have to be only description, they could also be the suitable images with the Meta tag that matches the given images.


Another value added content would be the necessary hyperlinks within the webpage or any external links. These all add value to the website and the SEO of the website. These links could be the sponsored links.

Header Tags

Furthermore, there should be only one main heading that uses H1 (Heading 1) tag by default. Other sub headings should not have H1 tag; instead it could be H2 or H3 tag and so on.


For the website to get high ranking, using keyword is another important factor, that allows page ranking on top of the list. This allows users to most likely click on the link on top and stay on the website. Selecting a focused keyword for each page, allows users Google search to appear as the highest ranking. Media plays roles in boosting SEO ranking of a website. However, there are certain things that are necessary rules to be followed.

Using a few tricks and focusing on few of the key aspects

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