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6 Key Elements for a Mobile App

Any application becomes great software, if they meet the requirements of the business. When the product works great the clients are happy and the loyalty of client stays with the brand and the product. Although the software works, there are certain attributes about the application that is a must have. There are a few most important attributes of a great software.


Functionality of the software is all about all the key features of the software. Each functionality has a purpose for the application. It is extremely essential that each function performs at the highest degree. 


Usability is another essential attribute that is an application. The ease of use is one of the most important essential. There is a three click rule for any web application or three tap rule for the app. One of the most essential attributes as a client should not click more than 3 clicks to get to the desired page. 


One of the essential factors is for a great software is its reliability! Has it ever happen to a client that the software does not update and crashes all the time. The most unreliable softwares are not desired by its user. Therefore, every software application should have desired functionality and reliability is a must.


There are a few performance factors of a web application considering processing speed, response time, space consumption and efficiency. Performance is also one of the attributes to make a great software. 


Supportability is also one of the must for a software to be great. You may not know when the application might end up being a big or the platform needs to be changes,  the developers should be able to transfer the software from one platform to another. 

The attributes of a great software consists of these five most important qualities. A great product demand the best feature to support and help the prospect client when required. 

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