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We have all heard about why people leave the company. We have also seen that so many people leave the management and not the companies. However, recently we have also discovered that employees opt another company because the benefits provided to them by the new company is never heard of before during their employment.

In the past few months, we have worked with recruitment agencies and interviewed many candidates for the position they applied. When the question got around why would you like to leave your current job or why did you leave your previous job? Although, many hesitated speaking about the management, we could understand in the process of questioning them it is something with the management.

Nowadays, due to busy work life of both parents and ridiculous day care charge, we found out that not having flexibility to take care of their children, employees opt for better jobs. Emergency family leaves are not considered and employees are not encouraged to take time off after working a full year.

Although, everybody should take short weekend time off every three months and at least a week long vacation every six months. Companies do not even allow their employees to take an emergency leaves to take care of their sick children or parents. Most often, employees feel that they have given so much of their time to the companies, however, they are not treated well, in case of renumeration, benefits like childcare and healthcare and the vacations or leave.

Companies like Pepsico offers each and every employees with health care benefits, tuition reimbursement for spouse and children, healthcare facility and programs and so many other benefits. It is understandable that when you are a startup and cannot provide with all the benefits that a world wide company offers, however, there are other things you could compensate your employees.

It is high time employees focus on employees have a break, personal time-off and mental health care focused workplace in this.

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