6 Key Elements for a Mobile App

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6 Key Elements for a Mobile App

App landing page is important to get more visitors and more conversions. Every business deserves to have an eye-catching landing page. The users are more likely would be engaged if the landing page is attractive as well.

Here are the key elements to include on an App Landing Page.

Application Name and Icon

A catchy and attractive name and Icon serves as the portfolio of an application. In any landing page, these two elements are vital for the prospect clients. An attractive icon would make you want to click the app vs. confusing and the plain bland icons. 

Try to put the highest priority on the landing page; this would put the application into highest level of relevance. It gets the attention of the right audience for your app.

Headlines that catches Attention

Similar to email subject, a compelling headlines for the app landing page is another essential factor of the App landing page. A short phrase that highlights the core of your business or your app would most likely get the attention of a potential user.

 A compelling page content and the headline should be concise, useful, and descriptive. If an app has these three criteria met, the headlines shall provide clarity to the landing page.

Relevant Subheadings

Compelled heading followed by the clear and relevant subheading also plays a big role with search engine and marketing. The keywords are extremely useful for a landing page. Subheading provides a summary to a reader or the app visitor about the application. 

Similar to the heading, subheadings should be concise, descriptive, and short. It would make sense to a reader, if they were divided into smaller pieces with the heading. This gives a reader relevant information that is easier to consume.

Clear Value Text Content, Images and Videos

Following by heading and subheadings, the next major element is a clear value text content, images and relevant videos. Many app visitors learn by reading the information provided in the app. The content must have information about the areas that potential clients would value.

In addition to that, for SEO and marketing relevant keywords are essential. In the content, the highlights should be how using the app you are making would cover the features and benefits the users. Relevant content gives extra edge to the app.

Images and Videos also provide an attractive feature to the landing page. Visuals are also another key factors in the app. It helps convince the client the solution provided is right. It could also serve as a guide or a demo to the features in the App.

Powerful Call To Action

A quick, concise, and obvious CTA are valuable elements of a good landing page. The best way is to put CTA at the areas that are easy to notice. Create an Ad to convince the users to push the button and download the app. This could benefit in many ways for an app that is yet to come out to the market. As it would allow the business to get a mailing list and share on their social media, that helps in branding and marketing.

Branded Colors and White Spacing

We cannot stress enough of colors for the brands and sufficient spacing across the landing page content. Seamless page styles would engage the customer by scrolling and staying in the app. A good landing page would have color consistency, corporate values, style, and a specific target audience. Usage of white space with the colorful content would make app landing page better, crisper, and more helpful in conversions.

To Sum it All

Great combinations of all these elements play a great work to create brand awareness, marketing strategy; clear message can help your app reach your target audience in no time. App landing page is one of the best way to drive traffic to your app and get downloads.

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