5 Must have Skills for Product Managers in 2019

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5 Must have Skills for Product Managers in 2019

A Product Manager is a crucial member of every development team. This position is responsible for planning, budgeting, overseeing, reporting and documenting all aspects of software development process. A PM is also a person who is a leader of a team that works with many different personalities. A good product manager is a negotiator, a conflict solver, a nurturer, and a solution provider. Moreover, a product manager is a lifeline of a project.

In addition, a good product manager is a person who keeps the project running smoothly, manages the team, and has the following amazing skills to lead. They establish the relationship with each member of their team and develop credibility with a client.

Here are the amazing must-have skills of Product Managers:

Listening Skills

How many of the managers tell their subordinates to do what is told? There are so many of them who carries the old school ideas and do not listen. However, a good Product Manager always listens carefully to not only their clients, but also, to their team members. Listening is not only about hearing people out! It is also about comprehending the information flow. A good product manager listens to the team, understands and comprehends the message; give a quality feedback and response. These managers are someone who sympathizes and empathizes with their team members and the clients.

Writing Skills

One bad email note, or a rushed message could ruin many relationships than a thought-out message that conveys the relevant message. A good product manager has a good writing skill. They follow the 3Ps of writing. Their emails or messages are precise, to the point, and polite. If you could convey and comprehend a message given by a client to your team member, everybody works smoothly. A good PM may not be able to code for a developer or make a prototype, however, they could understand the business needs and flow of a user

Forms Credible Relationship

Some people may come off strong to a new client and start on a wrong foot with a client. For any work to run smooth, establishing a credible relationship is one of the most important qualities of a Product Manager. Find out more about the client, team members and try to connect with them. Listening skills plays a great role in building a credible relationship with everyone. A relationship could only grow if a valued relationship is developed through communication. Furthermore, a healthy and credible relationship, would grow with time and would benefit is the bigger project.

Data Analysis and Processing

A good leader always has zeal to learn new things. They are curious, creative, and resourceful to find useful data, up to date with the latest trending tech trends, and coding language. Software industry could be tricky if you are not up to date with the tech market. In matter of a few months, a new coding language is introduced. In order to be a good product manager, you do not have to be technically savvy, however, you could always learn something new from online sources or the team members. A technical product manager could use a querying language. On the other hand, a non-technical product manager could use dashboards or BI tools.

Prioritize Tasks

A good Product Manager knows to prioritize the work. An experienced product manager understands and values the necessary features and tasks of a project. Although, prioritization involves a lot of decision making which could seem to be impossible for one person, when they are working in a group and meeting up the demands of their clients. Sometimes, trusting their intuitions would do the trick! However, always trusting the gut feeling may delay tasks, which could lead to frustration among the teams. Understanding the value and focusing a high value tasks would strengthen success of a project.

To Sum It All

A software development project maybe a tedious or it could last only a few months. An effective team that communicates with each other prospers with each project in hands. Additionally, a good product manager is a backbone of a team that makes all of it happens.

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