7 Free Keyword Research Tools

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7 Free Keywords Research Tools

Keywords are one of the most crucial part for the website ranking. The best part about the keywords are they can be generated as per Google Analytics. When any content reaches the right audience, they could relate to the content. 

Creating more visibility for your content and using specific keywords allows the audience link to a business, product or services. Keywords does wonders for content writers to choose required amount of words to get amazing hits and ranking. Here are 7 free research tools that would allow any content writer choose required keywords. . Asterisk Hubs is an expert at crafting out effective strategies for SEO for any business. 

The Primary Go-to Option

One of the best tools to find out impactful keywords is Google Keyword Planner. It is one of the free tools available and helps not only suggest keywords but divides the keywords that benefits in getting more users. It is extremely useful, however, Google Adwords makes it difficult for users to find the data. Moreover, there are other free of cost, equally effective tools like Google Keyword Planner. 

Google Trends

House of Google is one of the first tools that could be used instead of Keyword Planner. Google trends suggest the trending keywords to make content of post relevant. This tools informs about the queries related to a given keywords and has multiple other features.

Ad Word & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

This tool offers an avalanche of list keywords. These keywords are generated with the possible permutations available. In order to get an avalanche of keywords, enter a keyword that generates the permutations for the expected impact. 

Keyword Shitter

Keywords plays the most wonderful role in hitting SEO for google analytics. Keyword Shitter is another way to get the massive keywords for the content of the website or the blog post. All you have to do is plug in the word. There may be too many choice of the keywords. This is powered by Google Autocomplete, which allows to complete a sentence by offering basic keywords. The drawback of using Keywords Shitter is that it cannot group the trending data. However, it provides both the filters positive and negative. 

Answer The Public

Another interesting name that allows to utilize many attributes to generate keywords is Answer the Public. Using this tool, you have to provide either prepositions, comparisons, questions etc to get the huge list of keywords. 

Google Correlate

Google Correlate is another amazing tools that surprises with the solutions. This search tool uses correlation between the provided word and any random word. Proving you with keywords like hitting the right target. 

 Wordtracker Scout

Word tracker Scout is an add-on to the browsers that offers you with the keywords. It uses the words provided with the relevance, giving you the trending keywords 


Keywords are extremely essential to rank your website in the market. You can definitely use these free tools anywhere in the world to get higher ranking in the google search page. 

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