5 unexpected ways to lose clients

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5 unexpected ways to lose clients

Business can only survive and become more if you have the customer or clients. Without clients a business becomes nothing but an old lawn chair that sits at the corner of the front porch. Although some businesses take immense care of the clients, some however, do not have the right approach and end up losing clients. 

Here are 5 easier ways to lose clients and what not to do to keep your business run for a long time. 

Slow in responding 

Although, experts suggest that some clients could be clingy and ask too many questions. A team spends most of their time spending on chatting or replying to their clients, which also needs to be avoided. Slow in responding to the clients could also cause frustrations on the client side.

If a client asks the team a question, immediate response is not required however, the response within 5-8 hours is a must. If you do not have any answer then, respond to them with the adequate time frame to get back to the needs of the client. If you are going on a vacation, make sure that there is an auto-responder email and the list of email addresses the clients could reach out to in your absence.

A client expects to work with professionals who cater to their needs, since they pay for the services, it is obvious for them to expect answers. Slow in responding definitely is a factor to lose client.

Ignore client feedback 

One of the things that you want to avoid is ignore the client and feedback on a certain area. It saves a lot for a company and not lose client. Clients are the best critique for the business. One problem could be problems of many others. When you hear the same complaint from more than one client, there is some to think about, something that needs attention and change. Every feedback may not be feasible to be fulfilled, however, acknowledging the feedback of the client is necessary for the business. 

Charges Hidden fees

Contracts with loopholes that do not cater to clients and only serve the company is looking for one time business rather than a long term relationship with the client. The clients should not get surprised with new bills for a separate charge every time you bill them. It is always in the best interest for the business to let the clients know about any new charges or any changes to the accepted work. Be straightforward with the charges and extra charges to avoid losing a client.

No Communication with the clients

When a team does not have an answer to the clients request, the best thing is to respond to them with a message with an adequate time frame for answer. Some businesses get intimidated with the clients request, they stop communicating with the clients. Even after the project is done, it is essential to keep open communication with the clients. A happy client always comes back to the same business and services. A better communication helps avoiding losing a client.

Assuming instead of asking

The best part of building a relationship with a client is to be able to ask for their needs and feedback, instead of just assuming. Assumption wastes time for both, the service provider and the client, because the client does not get what they want and the service provider wastes much of their time working without knowing what is the need of that work. The best way to get results is to ask questions. Ask smart questions to the client that benefits their business, which, in return, benefits your business and saves losing a client.

There are numerous other ways to lose clients. It could be asking racially, politically and culturally wrong questions. There is a fine line between building a relationship with a client and assuming with some nationalities, things could be tolerable. If you want to learn about a country and their culture, ask without offending, do not assume! 

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