5 best reasons to choose Customized Websites

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5 best reasons to choose Customized Websites

Have you ever gone to a tailor and have gotten a shirt stitched? Could you compare the fitting of the tailored shirt, with the design, style and fabric of your choice and something that you bought from a clothing store? If you are used to wearing customized and tailored clothes, chances are you would love the fitting and would not mind paying extra bucks for the best customized clothing. 

Customized websites are tailored as per the need of the business and clients. It focuses on the functionality, style and designs that are actually required by the business. All other unnecessary and useless functionality that confuses a website visitor including effects on speed becomes redundant. There are many good reasons to get your business a customized websites, here are 5 best reasons to chose it

Customized sites best fits your business

Each business serves its own purpose! Either it’s a listing website or an ecommerce website, a website serves as a platform for the visitor to get information by a click of a button. There are many website builder platforms, where a theme could be downloaded and a website could be created in the matter of hours. 

However, in those pre built themes there are many pages, functionalities that are not required by the business. A customized website serves the purpose for each business and is always tailored to the needs of the business. It focuses on the core of the business and caters to the prospect clients. Just like tailored clothings, customized websites are the ones that exactly fit the business. 


Many businesses could have the same themed website from style, designs and functionality. However, customized websites have their own uniqueness. The logo designs, branding and colors for a customised website fits business. The system architecture of the customised website has specifications without limiting and restricting the option of how a website should look. 

A customized website has uniqueness as well as the freedom to add more to the pages. However, in a themed website, the websites are built with only predefined functionalities. 

Flexibility and Scalability 

A themed websites are difficult to scale and are limited by the functionality. However, a customised website has flexibility and scalability options. When a business grows, demands of the visitors, and website traffic also grows in the same quantity. A themed website is neither scalable, nor flexible

A customized website is scalable. The website that is built without the theme is less dependent on the build in functionality provided by the themed website. Therefore, there is more flexibility to change as per the upgrade requirements. 


Security is one the most important things to keep in mind when building a website. A website consists of sensitive information of clients, business and the visitors. A themed website opens up to the vulnerabilities that compromises the security of the websites. This could cause loss in business and compromise the trust from the clients. 

However, a customized website focuses on SSL providing the utmost security to the sensitive information to the business. Furthermore, in a coded or customized website codes are not released to the public, therefore, protecting from the risk of compromising the sensitive information.


Website load time is one of the critical factors for any website. If the website load speed is more than 3 seconds, most likely the visitors are prone to getting frustrated and leave before even the website loads. A themed website has many functionality that is built for different types of users. Making a slow response time, eventually causing frustration with the website visitor. 

A customised website however, has the functionality and pages that is actually required, resulting in faster loading of a website. It is also catered to the avoid all the unnecessary functionalities that results in faster loading. Overall, increasing the speed of the website that serves the businesses and their website visitors. 

There are platforms like wix.com and wordpress.com that allows you to build your own website through available themes. However, for many reasons a customized website serves the business better. One of the most difficult issues comes when a themed website arises when the plugin used has to be upgraded and the website could become messy.

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