10 Work Interview Do’s & Don’ts

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10 Work Interview Do's & Don'ts

If you are new in the market, job interviews are one of the nerve wrecking things you go through. Instead of getting a good night sleep, you might end up getting anxious if you will nail the interview. Imagine, that the company you are interviewing at may be one of the companies you had an eye on ever since you were a senior in college. 

You may also be one of those people who can nail the interview because you are confident, you have a mentor for guidance and you do not shy away. Regardless of the kind of a person you are, there are some of the dos and don’ts for any job interview.

Do not be on time

Yes! Do not be on time for the interview. If your interview is scheduled at 10.15am arrive at 10am, so that you can find the parking space, use the restroom if you must and you can double check if you have everything you need. Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the interview to check in, so that you know that you value their time and the employer are expected to value yours. You may have to navigate your way to the front desk in one of the tallest buildings. 

Also, do not arrive earlier than 15 minutes, it may be just awkward and the employer may not necessarily entertain you. Therefore, reach the reception at least 10-15 minutes prior to the interview time.

Well groomed, clean and professional

Well groomed, clean candidates always make a good impression. A famous saying, “first impression is the last impression” goes best here. If you look professional, well groomed, you already make an impression with the interviewer. Therefore, spend some time in the morning getting ready. Trim the beard if you have a long beard, perhaps a haircut and if you have long hair at least wash it and keep it clean, cover your tattoos and do not wear two different socks.  

Also, if you are a lady, do not wear deep cut blouses, huge jewelry, and heels like you are going to a pub after the interview. Simple makeup is fine, however, layers of foundation and blush might do too much. Wear clean and simple clothes. 

Bring the relevant documents even if you have been asked not to bring them

Oftentimes, you are asked to just show up for the interview and are not expected to bring any documents because your resume has all the necessary information. Most companies have been choosing the new route by hiring through recruitment agencies. These recruitment agencies have all your information and match you to the employer and oftentimes they tell you that documents or your resumes are not required.

However, to stay on the safe side and not to look like you did not come prepared, it’s always best to take your resume with you and the supportive documents that are required for the job you have applied for. 

Read about the company, job descriptions, and its competitor 

While applying for a job, you may read the job description and think you are one of the best fits for the specific work. However, the company wants to hire the smartest in the room not just who fits the job description. Therefore, you should know about the company, what you can bring to the table if you were to be selected and if you have done enough research and find out about their competitor. 

Research about the company and their counterparts to understand the nature of the job and how you could contribute to generate more revenue for the company. Afterall, the main aim of a business is to generate more revenue and your job is to make that happen for them.

Ask Smart Questions Only

If you have researched about the company, their services, products and the competitors, you may already have questions. Make sure your questions do not sound unintelligent and ignorant. Always have a couple of questions to ask about the job, who you might report to if you get hired and what are the qualities the employer is looking for in the possible candidate. 

Listen To The Question Carefully

There are possibilities that you may get nervous and not even understand the question. Instead of assuming and answering as per your assumption, if you do not understand the question, ask the question again. It is better to answer the question than to beat around the bush and look like a fool.

However, the best thing you could do is to listen carefully and focus on the interview rather than to anticipate and become nervous about the job or the interview. You are already in the interview, why not become fully present in the room.   

Turn off the Devices or Keep them on Silent Mode

Even when you have a conversation with your friend, partner or any family member, if they get distracted by phone, you would consider it rude. Treat a job interview like you are praying or meditating. Any distractions are big “No” at these places. Double check your phone and keep the phone on silent before you enter the interview room.

If you have a child at home and you know the interview is going to be a long one, make sure you tell the interviewer prior to starting the interview so they do not think you are being rude or show that you are unprofessional. Afterall, you do not want to look unprofessional because you just missed out on one simple yet important thing. 

Do not Talk Trash About Your Previous Employer 

Perhaps, the time has come where you look for another opportunity because you could not stand the politics at your current workplace. Maybe you did not get the promotion after you worked so hard for all those years and the boss’s cousin got it even though he is not even qualified for the job. Or you may need the change of environment because you do not see yourself growing in the company anymore. No matter whatever the reason is, when you go to the new job interview, do not take that energy to the interview. 

The current employer may have done wrong to you and you could not stand the politics, however, speaking ill of the company you are working currently does not give a good impression about you being a team player. It is easier to blame the company, manager or the organizational politics, however, it shows your ethics, patience and loyalty towards work. Furthermore, speaking ill of a previous or current employer shows how accountable you are with work and your employer. 

Do to Enquire About the Perks

If you are joining the company because you love the perks only will not get too far. When you join a company or switch jobs, make sure you have a learning attitude. During the first interview, do not ask about the holidays, perks or anything related to leisure. You are expected to work, learn, grow and do more for the company. If you do not have that kind of attitude then, no matter how perfect you are, you will lose the chances of being one of the best candidates. 

The best time to ask about the perks and holidays would be when you are going to sign the contract. That would be the best time to negotiate your holidays, vacations and other perks for sure. 

Always Thank Them For Their Time

No matter how the interview goes, even if it is opposite of what you expected, always thank them for their time. You could be one of the candidates who is probably not selected but maybe shortlisted. If you show professionalism this may bump you to the top of the list. 

These are the few dos and don’ts from our HR department and our team at asterisk hubs. Over the past few years, interviewing many candidates the department has selected the best candidates for each job. Next time you go for an interview, I hope this tips and tricks helps you. 

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