5 Manual Actions to Drop Google Ranking

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5 Manual Actions to Drop Google Ranking

Google Ranking is one of the most important search engine tools for any websites. A website that meets google quality guidelines requirements are one of the top ranked websites in the google search engine. Manual Actions are applied when a website does not meet the quality guidelines. There are several different reasons why the guidelines do not meet these requirements. The most common reasons are the possibility that your website has been hacked, the website may contain user-generated spam, backlinks that do not make sense, weak content etc. 

If you are a business that runs on a digital platform, you would have the basic understanding why these rankings are important, what would allow your websites to get to the top. However, if your web page ranking has dropped over 10 positions due to keywords, then one of the reasons is it does not meet the quality guideline requirement provided by google. If this is the case, login to your google console and check the following for the punitive action: 

Security & Manual Actions > Manual Actions

 Furthermore, if there are on-page issues, there might be some extra work to be done on the recent website adjustments or changes. However, for off-page issues, the actionable task would be to review the backlink profile for unnatural links. Although, you tried and could not find the the forfeit, you may check the issues below:  

User-Generated Spams

When a viewer posts spam comments, it can impact the rankings of your posts that affects the website ranking. In order to avoid these effects, go through the pages that allow the comments and check for these spam comments. Comments are links for unrelated products, posts or mentions of the company that does not match the content of the page. You may also ban the accounts if there are more than one comments from similar accounts and remove the comments. Implement the comments review for future to avoid user- generated spam.

Thin or Scraped Content

Low quality, thin or scraped content are one of the important reasons for the ranking drop. Low quality could be numerous reasons like too much or too little content, plagiarism. There are numerous services that allow you to check if your content has been copied. This affects the SEO for both of the websites, SEO affected means the drop of google ranking. Furthermore, the content written by the company must provide value to the visitors. 

Sneaky Redirects

Sneaky redirects also drops the ranking of a website. Sneaky redirects means the users are redirected to pages other than the expected to go websites. In such cases, check for 302 and 301 redirects with meta refresh in your website. Remove the useless redirects, and only use 301 redirect in a case where you would want the users to make sense of the redirect. The following can be used to check the unwanted sneaky links:

Site Structure > Site Audit > Redirects  

Unnatural outgoing links

Unnatural outgoing links are one of the other reasons where the google ranking fails. Furthermore, the paid links are the most common issue. Those links could be deleted from your websites if  you do not want the google ranking to fall.

Go to All Resources > External resources > HTML, to remove such links that are causing problems. Using the link above helps you discover the unnatural links or outgoing links and the destination status codes. You may also fix the links that appear to be spam. 

Unnatural incoming links

We have learnt about how the spam backlinks could affect google ranking of your website. Unnatural incoming links could be another reason for the dropped ranking. There are two different reasons for the unnatural incoming links, i.e. either you are purchasing low-quality backlinks or your competitor are attacking your website. There are resources to help you find out the unusual and spam backlinks. Once you find the unnatural incoming links, either remove them or visit the websites and if they seem legitimate, you may also keep the link on the website. 

Google Search is one of the topmost used search engines. Visitors enter keywords to find the best possible problem solver for their business. Manual actions is one of the important causes to drip google ranking. Therefore, check for the content, unnatural incoming and outgoing links. 

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