5 Important Reasons Why Google Ranking Drops

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Right keywords entered, search is optimized, yet, the ranking of your website still appears on the 7th or 8th link on the list. Sometimes, it may appear on the  second page and you wonder what you are doing wrong and cannot figure out why your Google ranking has dropped. There could be many reasons why the page ranking drops on google search engine. 

Google is more than just a search engine, however, it is one of the most used search engines. Most of the users use google search to get the answers they are looking for in this search engine and its extremely essential to get accurate information in this search engine. 

Here are five reasons why your google ranking may have dropped:

 Inaccurate data

Datas are one of the most crucial things that helps in boosting google ranking. However, if you have inaccurate datas on  your website, it may not be counted and would be counterintuitive to boost the google ranking. Although you may only want accurate data on your website and make changes,  it is essential to check whether the website ranking has actually dropped. 

Most of the time the unexpected fluctuation in the ranking could be just a false alarm. Oftentimes, if the datas are reported differently, these false alarms could be changed in the settings, resetting a tool, or accidentally, excluding a time span, or a page type. The best way to avoid this is to do the reporting in order. 

Another way to check is to keep track of data of at least a year or two years of historic data to check the pattern of data. This helps to check if the reasons could be the same for dropping the ranking. Also, check and see if the ranking stays the same. 

Site changes

One other reason for the drop in google ranking is the changes made in the website. These changes could be redesigning, moving to HTTPS, changing the CMS or any minor changes to the website. The SEO performance gets seriously affected, dropping the google ranking, if there are even the smallest changes.

If you have changed something on your website, open Google Search Console and go to Index > Coverage. It is easy to identify and fix the problems because Google usually keeps logs and describes crawling and indexing of coverage tabs.

User behavior Changes

It is often believed that the behavioral metrics often influence google ranking, however, several numbers of search patents say otherwise. It may be controversial, however, a drop in click-through rates may also affect google ranking. View your CTRs by page or by query, 

Open google search console, go to Performance> Search results. 

There might be two reasons the CTR might have dropped first, because your competitors may have improved their optimization. Another reason is the intent of the query has shifted, making your website lose the search results. In this case, you may go to SERP and see how your snippet compares to that of your competition. 

Lost backlinks

Lost backlinks could be one of the other reasons that could influence and impact the google ranking. Check the backlinks and find out if there are weak backlinks or high-quality backlinks. To check all the backlinks go to Summary > New/Lost Backlink History. It will allow you to check all the backlinks and see if there are any critical losses. 

Retrieving and reclaiming the lost backlinks, the best thing is to get in touch with the webmaster. Checking all the backlinks and taking the backlinks back should be done. If webmaster is not something you are familiar with then, try email, twitter, or LinkedIn to get the lost backlinks. 

Competitor activity

It could also be possible that nothing would be wrong with the websites however, the strategy of the competition may be better. A competitor’s activity could also cause a dramatic drop in the rankings. Checking on the competitors activity is worth it and helps you investigate the google ranking drop.The best bet is to use Rank Tracker’s SERP History to see how the rankings have changed. If there are frequent shifts, then, there might be small algorithm tweaks but if there are many changes then it is time for in-depth investigation. 

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