5 Important Aspect of Product Design

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Product design is one of the most important things either in a virtual world or in the real world. The marketing trick to everything is “if it is visible, your customer will inquire about it. The trick to a customer buying a product is its visibility and availability. Psychology plays an amazing trick with our mind, that is why companies spend a lot of money on billboards, advertisement and boosting a post on social media. Artificial Intelligence has a huge role in calculating the customer’s buying behavior and showing the things the customer wants to see, making them purchase things that they might not even need. 

Although marketing plays a huge role in selling something, another key aspect to customer buying a product is the way it is designed, the colors of the product and the immediate availability of the product. Product design plays a key role in selling a product. Although many may not realize that designing is one of the key ingredients of the sales it leaves a mark on the customer and the buying behavior. 

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. — Steve Jobs


Here are few things that you need to consider when designing a product:

High Capability

What is a high capability product and product design even related? The products that give more than it consumes is referred to as a high capability product. The designs that give high output ratio vs high input. Lets take for an instance, if you have a smart watch, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to charge, however it runs for more than a week or two sometimes. Therefore, the smart watch is one of the high capability devices that gives you more than it consumes. A design of a product should be the same, it should give more than it consumes. 

Staggering and Stunning

The product designs should be great looking! A design that catches the eye of the prospect client, that blows people’s mind and is stylish. If you would like the client to give your product a chance, you cannot pass by terrible and confusing designs. However, just a stunning product it should also be functional. If you have a ferrari, but if it doesn’t have an engine then, it barely has any functionality of even a car. Therefore, a product design should be staggering and stunning and must meet the expectations of its function. But excellent product design is the one that should raise its bar and deliver more than what’s expected.  

Problem Solver

A stylish design should solve a problem that exists. The simple definition of design is, design is known as solving problems. When a design does not solve a problem, that means the functionality does not work. When it does not solve the problem that means the product is useless. Therefore, a product design should not just look like a ferrari with an engine, it should also have gas so that it can help you commute. Therefore, a product design must be functional and that solves the real time problem. 

Made for Human Being

Sometimes when a product is released, the competitor brings the products that have similar functionality, design and clienttell. However, the product does not really have any  proper use to anybody. Sometimes, the products reach the market, looks stylish; however, they might not live up to the expectations of the public. Therefore, a product design should understand human nature, and fulfills the criteria for understanding human behavior. 


A product design that understands human behavior, looks staggering and stunning, solves the real time problem and has high capability is loved by all the clients. Although the product is developed for solving a problem that exists. However, with technology growing, it must be designed such that it solves the problem that comes in the future as well. When the product is designed, developed and ready to go to the market, then, it should also consider the higher traffic in sales, meaning, a product design should be scalable. 

A product with a good design should define the audience. Therefore, before the products reach out to the market do a proper research and focus on building the product. 

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