5 Emerging Technologies that Changed 2020

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The emergence of new technologies changed the working style of many of us.  As soon as we learn a new technology in the market, it seems like they have been out of date. The technologies are rapidly changing and progressing at an exponential rate. Furthermore, IT professionals learn something new out of necessity because technologies change at such a pace. 

One of the most important things for any IT professionals is the learning attitude towards new and emerging technologies. It grows your skills and keeps you updated in the market. Besides, adding up a skill set has never done any harm to anybody. Therefore, let’s checkout five technologies of 2020 that shall continue on in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Artificial Intelligence or AI went through the roof in recent years, and has been helping save time and make us live and work effectively and efficiently. Additionally, machine learning has expanded and AI has become so much more than just Siri and Alexa and has started recognizing images, patterns and even affects our decision making. AI is faster and is more accurate than the users. 

Machine Learning

One of the subsets of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine learning discovers patterns and insights from data. Therefore, it makes the life and decision making of users easier. Machine learning is rapidly growing and being deployed almost in every industry. Demand for IT professionals in machine learning is also growing bringing new work opportunities with the growing technology.  Machine learning is used for data analytics, data  mining and pattern recognition. 

Robotic Process Automation

 Another emerging technology other than artificial intelligence and mechanical learning growing at an exponential rate is Robotic Process Automation. It is a use of a software to automate business processes like interpreting applications, dealing with data etc. Although the automation might take away many jobs, there are also going to be roles for IT professionals. 


Although it may not seem that cybersecurity is one of the emerging technologies. It is going to be in demand as long as the internet, AI or anything related to technology  is around. The main reason is there are always going to be new challenges, threats and hackers. The hackers always develop new malware and break the firewall regardless of the security present in a software. Furthermore, until the time there are going to be technologies around cybersecurity is going to be required. Therefore, job roles for any IT professional that involve cybersecurity

Edge Computing

Edge computing is designed to solve problems caused by cloud computation that we may bypass. It is also used to process time-sensitive data in remote locations without centralized location. Edge computing also acts as a mini data centre where a centralized location is not found. Cloud computing is popular and may cause problems with security, therefore, edge computing comes into play to secure the data. Furthermore, more people are relying on cloud storage. Therefore, edge computing is also one area that may bring a promising career.

Technologies are emerging, evolving and exponentially growing. With every new technology new jobs and opportunities are created, offering a promising career and skilled manpower. In the upcoming future even more technologies would be out in the market. In order to be successful in a career, have the attitude of learning and growing. Although, future is unpredictable, as long as technologies are present, the opportunities are going to keep coming our way.

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