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Do you ever feel that simple productivity tips would help you with your work? Saving time and becoming productive is what everybody always wants to do. There are a few simple ways that can be achieved. We save a lot of time in our day if we just learn a few simple tips. Instead of cluttering the desk, or sometimes even working in your pjs in your bed, if you are minimalistic and clean up, then you will be less distracted.

Organizing Time

We all have 24 hours in a day, how we utilize each hour depends solely on us. Some of us work from home, some commute to work and some of us own our own business. What if you could reduce the annoying unproductive and use every minute of it? The most important thing is to be able to organize your time. 

1. Meetings 

If you have 3 meetings in a day, organize your time so that you can reduce the meeting time. The best thing you could do is to list the points that need to be discussed. Stick to the point and set a time limit. Zoom meetings are usually 40 minutes long and we all have seen one team member or other who stretches the conversation and makes it unnecessary long. Therefore, stick to the point and do not allow distraction. Scheduling meetings and sticking to the point is a simple productivity tool. 

2. Commute time

Some of us may commute for work. A commute is usually, for an hour or less and for some of us it’s even longer. Use the commute time properly, schedule your day. If you have an important presentation, scheduling some meetings, you can even make phone calls to the prospect clients while you are commuting. This is also the best time to listen to your favorite podcast, motivational videos, and read your favorite book or just rest your eyes and meditate. Use your commute time wisely or just relax. 

3. Schedule breaks

“Me time” is extremely important! Although you may not be able to find time for ourselves. Scheduling breaks is extremely important in between your working hours. It helps with productivity and causes less stress and eye strain. Schedule breaks every hour and take breaks for your eyes every thirty minutes.  


The space around you has a high impact on your productivity. Nowadays, every single thing is customized. A notepad, meeting journals, reminders, alarm clock, every single thing is either on your laptop or on your phone. Therefore, you have less clutter wherever you work. 

1. Organize the Space Around You

Get rid of all the unnecessary notes, papers, wires or even pens that you do not need away. Minimalist work desk helps you with reducing distraction. Clean your workspace and organize. Remove the clutter that will help you get things done and increase productivity. 

2. Consolidate items on your phone

It is so easy to get distracted with a phone. We want to check an email and one hour later we are looking at an ecommerce website looking for  things we do not need. Therefore, consolidate your work items into one category and entertainment into another group. 

3. Switch off the pop up notification

Most of us wake up with our phone and check the notification while still in bed. We are glued to our phone so much we do not even think that it is actually utilizing our time properly. The best way to have more productivity is to switch off the pop up notification. 

Distraction is easy when you have your phone buzzing every five minute sending you notification that kills your productivity. Useless meetings, unorganized and dirty surroundings can really affect your productivity. There are a few things that you can implement in your daily life to increase productivity and feel less stressed at your workplace. 

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