5 Great Reasons to use Hashtags on Socials

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Hashtags on social media game is on! Specially because of the pandemic, you have never been active on your socials, this is a high time. Coronavirus affected many of us in so many different ways. If your business was digital, you may be doing wonders. If you were just starting you may have understood its importance. However, if you have still not started then you are missing a big chuck of revenue. 

There are numerous things to consider even when you have a social media page. Your audience has only 3 seconds to get interested in what you are selling before they move on. Therefore, targeting the right audience to a business is crucial. If you are trying to sell a comb to a bald man he will probably just skip the story, however, if you are selling serum that grows his hair, he would be interested. If you are using Instagram, or Facebook, make sure your socials are clean instead of messy. Another factor to reach out to the right audience is the usage of hashtags. Obviously, you have to change the settings from private to public to get more engagement, and remember the following five importance of hashtags on social media.


Know your competition by researching accounts like yours on social media. The promotion, they are running, campaigns, giveaways and come up with the better and improved versions of the same. There is so much competition on social media. Usage of hashtags to reach your target audience is crucial. There are some hashtag finders that would allow you to use the searched hashtag for certain regions. 

Another way is to go on your IG and find the appropriate and most popular hashtag by going under tags and using those hashtags for your post. For example, if you are a fitness instructor, to be able to reach out to more of the people who are looking into fitness, search the keyword as fitness under tags and you will find numerous popular hashtags.


Branding is one of the major parts of the business. Branding includes typography, colors, designs and overall what you represent. Branding also includes a specific crowd you want to attract on your social media. Hashtag can be utilized to reach out to more of those specific people for your business. This usually works to gain new followers who would become your potential clients. 

However, if you are an existing business who already has a lot of followers, you can use a hashtag for a specific product or service. It will allow your specific product to be trendy. Meaning more people knowing your brand, increasing followers and gaining popularity. 


Hashtags on social also allows visibility of your business. Increased visibility meaning reaching out to more people which eventually means gaining new followers. Usage of hashtags, keeps you one step forward from your competition, giving you a chance to dominate with your brand. A continuous use of the hashtag on your post helps with visibility, branding, gaining new followers and people start to associate your business with that hashtag. 

One of the key things for people to know your brand and business is that you must be visible. If it does not yell it does not sell! Only  spending a lot of money on models, photography and just posting the pics does not get you likes, unless you are Justin Bieber or Beyonce. It really takes some time to get to the people who can resonate with your brand, and there is no better way than usage of hashtags.


Hashtag is like “word of mouth” on the internet. Meaning, if you use certain hashtags for your campaign, your follower will use the same hashtag, and their followers would do the same. If you remember #metoo movement, it created a lot of change globally. It allows marketers and businesses to create targeted campaigns. Therefore, hashtags help with promotion, that would result in increasing visibility. 

Another way to use hashtags and get more followers is to create hashtags for promotions. There are numerous times where Hidden Adventure, a tourism company creates hashtags for competition to share their travel pictures and use a specific hashtag and share it with their friends and followers. It not only promotes one campaign, it promotes the overall business and brand. 


Many people use hashtags for political movements. With the world wide news on our fingertips we now have access to the information with search of one word. Many use hashtags to create movements for social, religious and cultural causes. One popular example was #blacklivesmatter created to stop the killing of innocent black lives and get justice for all those who were killed without any reason. 

Although, many businesses remain politically neutral, because supporting just one side may cause them to lose their businesses. However, others are strong supporters and their followers also do the same for the cause and stay loyal to the businesses. It means you will really see the people who are loyal to your brand. 

Hashtags are popular all over the world, you can follow your favorite yogis from the opposite side of the world. What better promote new fashion trends and what’s new in the technology than reaching out to your prospect client? Hashtags have done wonders for growing business and also to those business that have thousands and millions of followers. 

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