3 P(s) of a powerful Leader

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A powerful leader is sometimes born and sometimes groomed over a period of time with their experiences. A leader who finds positive traits even when there are no other options, they always believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. They bring themselves out along with their team members and push them to bring the best in each other. An efficient and powerful leader brings remedy in a smaller task to a bigger project, instead of playing the blame game.

“Don’t find the fault, find the remedy” — HENRY FORD.

There are the three important P’s of an effective and powerful leader 


An idea without a definite plan is an out of scope project that has no result. An effective leader always plans and set a deadline for a project. Unplanned projects usually come with ambiguous requirements and frustration among the team members. Whereas a better planned project is executed at time, gives a specific result and saves a lot of time, effort and energy of the team members. A powerful and effective leader always expects the unexpected and plans accordingly. 


A powerful and effective leader can always present themselves as a confident team member. Not only during the meetings and lunch out but also during the times when everyone else is not feeling up to the project. Presentation is another important quality of an effective team leader. They are always eager to learn from the senior member and also from the fresher in the company. Without hesitation, they take any great idea into consideration and would not back out at impromptu presentations.


An effective leader always finds remedy to any situation instead of finding faults and blaming others for the delay or mistakes. They are willing to get their hands dirty and work with their team members. Their performance is obvious in the emails from happy clients, sales number or the evaluation form from their peers. 

In conclusion, 

A better leader is a person who brings the best out of the person, whereas, a person who does not have planning, presentation and performance lacks the quality of a better leader. With greater power comes even greater responsibility. Therefore, a powerful leader becomes responsible for each of their team members and brings the best of them.

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