7 Best Ways to Review The Work Year 2020

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Reviewing the work year 2020, is probably one of the best things for any business and even as an individual. This year has been a huge roller coaster ride. The whole world went virtual, the fluctuation of  the economy in an unexpected way. Loss of jobs for so many people who probably had plans to buy a house this year. We learnt many new things, different skills we may need to acquire if we go virtual again. Most likely, going virtual has taught us many things we did not know about ourselves. All the relationships, work, money and our health that we have taken for granted we have changed how things could change in the matter of a day. 

Here are 3 best ways to review your work year 2020


In order to review your work and make any changes, the first thing you have to do is review your accomplishments. These are the targets you have met over the year, each month you may have set up a target for yourself, learning new skills and how you benefited the company. This can be done looking at each month or each quarter. List out the accomplished projects and the deals you closed. If you are an online business, check the retention rates, how many customers were added to your business and location of the clients. 


Another way to review your year is to review your responsibilities. If the company has given you more responsibilities and trusted you to move you up the ladder. It may be difficult to trust someone with huge responsibility.  With each project, have the responsibilities been moved to the next level or instead you have not been able to build trust with the management.

Areas to work on

2020 has given us time to think about our qualities and skills. Most of us have gotten time to learn the language we always wanted to learn, the youtube channel we always wanted to create. Reevaluate your skills and qualities and find out where you could have been better and what steps you need to take to be better at those skills. Furthermore, with the changing work market check and see if the skills you have are stale or you need to learn new ones. 


One of the most important things for you to work and build confidence is to learn about your strengths. Reevaluating where you could develop is important, however, polishing your strengths is another important aspect to review the year. There are always new things in the market, it is easier to learn step 10 of a skill if you already know till step 9. Therefore, review your strength. 


Understand what your company priorities with the existing products, popular products, services and overall. It is essential to know the priorities of your company for you to be an asset of the company. The company should also know that you are focusing on priorities and working towards the same goal as them. 

5 year plan 

If you are in the same position for about 5 years, it’s about time you change the job position. If you really love your job, and the company you work for, then identify your next career move. Working towards a goal will get you to the next step in your career. Nobody wants to be at the same position for a longer period of time. Find out where you want to be next  in the next three to five years and start working for it.


We all have goals. Usually we map it out and prepare for the next five years. However, with the five years plans we also have milestones we want to achieve. These milestones could be a week, a month and even 3 months. You should always have milestones set in order to reach your goal. Work each day towards the long term goal. 

One of the best things we could do is reviewing this year. What chances we took, new things we learned, and how to teach our children when their teachers are doing their best. We may have gone for our passion, and launched our business because we had a couple of hours in our hands. Coronavirus pandemic may have taught us to be more resilient or give up on things because we had time to think about it. 

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