10 Effective Yoga Stretch At Workplace

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10 Effective Yoga Stretch At Workplace

Our 9-5 work load has given us one of the worst things we could ask for, back and neck pain. Stretching is one of the most underrated things, this really takes care of your body, neck and back. Regardless of working from home or working at an office for 8 hours or more, we get caught up and forget about our posture and how we should take a break every half an hour for a couple of minutes and stretch. 

We may protect our eyes with expensive glasses, and if we can afford it we go to the spa for a nice massage. However, for many of us either we do not have luxury of time or for some we do not have luxury of money. Simple steps can make our life so much easier and can save the money that we use to go to a chiropractor, physiotherapy or a massage parlor. 

If you can use 10 minutes of your 8 hours and stretch your body while sitting on your chair, why would you not take that action, right? It may be weird to just start rolling on the floor or your dresses, skirts or even your dress pants be uncomfortable to do these poses at your workplace. However, sitting in your cubicle on your chair, the following stretching can be done and you can thank us later for the back that does not hurt when you are trying to sleep or wake up in the morning. 

If you would like to skip reading and just follow the video, click here. 

Sit straight and tall on your chair, resting your palms on your laps.  

Shoulder Rolls

One of the best stretches you can give is shoulder rolls. Sit up straight and tall, your crown tall. Leave your hands on the side, shrug your shoulders and roll your shoulders, while inhaling and exhaling, deeply. Do this for about 6 times front and 6 times to the back. Now gently reach your hands on either side of the room, gently turn your palm up, open up your chest and inhale deeply. While you exhale, turn your palms down and round your back. Repeat this for 6 times. 

Neck and Spine

One of the most important parts of our body that needs stretching is our spine. Take care of your spine while sitting down. Grab the right edge of your chair and reach the left hand towards the ceiling and gently bend over to the right side. Now, grab the left edge of your chair, reach the right hands towards the ceiling and gently bend over to the left side. While doing this pose, don’t bend forward really make a curve while your hands are reaching towards the ceiling. 

Back and Neck

Reach the right hand to the floor, and slowly reach your left hand towards the ceiling and curve towards the right side. Do this same on the other side, by reaching your left hand to the floor, and slowly reach your right hand towards the ceiling and curve towards the left side. 

Spine Twist

Take your left hand and place it on your right knee, place your right hand to the back of your chair. Inhale deeply, while you exhale, turn your back and turn a little  deeper. Repeat for three times on one side. Do the same on the other side. 

Cat and Cow

Separate  your feet a little wider.  On the inhalation, open your shoulder and roll your head back and exhale, lean your body all release your body the way down. 

Chest Opener

Bring both your hands behind your head, inhale all, press your elbows away and open the chest, and exhale bring your elbows touching each other. 

Hip Opener

Stack your left ankle on the right thigh, protect your knee by either pointing or flexing your knee. Bring both your hands and grab one the edge of the chair and slowly bend forward. Now,  you can bring your hands on your knees. If you can release your hand down, take your hand all the way down. Now release the foot down. Do the same on the other side. 

Back and Shoulders

Bring both your hands behind your head and drop the left elbow to the left side and slowly come back to the centre, now do the same on the right side. 

Neck Rolls

Sit tall and bring your right ear to your right shoulder, chin towards your chest, left ear to your left shoulder and head towards the ceiling. Shake your head like you are saying yes and no. Do the same on the other side. 


Sit straight and close your eyes and inhale and exhale and take a deep breath. Flutter your eyes open and smile. 

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