3 Professional Virtual Working Tools

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3 Professional Virtual Working Tools

Coronavirus pandemic has taught us many things and one of the new things that was taught is to work virtually. New tools have been introduced by many software companies and the tools that have not been used  for a long time has become one of the go to tools for any companies. Although people miss going to work and mostly miss the conversations with their colleagues, virtual work has become part of their lifestyle. After all, health and wellness comes first and it’s all about getting the work done either virtual or on-site. 

There are many tools that have been introduced now more than ever. More companies are choosing more effective tools that have been used only for a few meetings. Perhaps, the future of the industries may be headed to the virtual world. This not only saves the costs of the employer, it also gives the professional working at the comfort of a coffee shop. Schools, educational institutions, workshops, training programs, may also choose virtual learning. Future is headed to the virtual world. There are many different virtual tools that connect the world more than ever. Here are four tools that has become popular in 2020

3 Professional Virtual Working Tools


One of the favorite virtual meeting, video conferencing, webinar, and meetings tools is Zoom. This software has become one of the favorite tools of all the professionals for meetings and conferences. This platform allows upto 1000 video participants and 10,000 viewers. Zoom is a web friendly application or it is also downloadable in both  iOS and Android devices. This application allows users to create individual meeting rooms for each meeting. Therefore, there is no confusion to a user which room to choose for different meetings. 

Zoom also allows users to use a simple URL to get into a meeting room, allows users to turn on/off their audio and video or event organizer could mute all the users if there is a workshop going on. The best part is, this tool is absolutely free of cost, the connection is always the best meaning, no dropped calls.  Therefore, it is one of the most used applications during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown period.


Features like group chat, video calls that can connect teams and allow smooth communication among team members have made Slack one of the most used tools to work in 2020. Slack allows communications for many teams like engineering, marketing, customer support, human resources, project management etc. Slack allows coordination, automation, allows clients, agencies to collaborate and allows feedback that is visible and actionable. 

Slack is a web friendly application or it is also downloadable in both  iOS and Android devices. This allows users to work easily with everyone, stay on the same page and brings communications with team members into one place. Slack allows user to create Channel for different projects just by using pound (# sign), and make each channel visible to selected members or everyone in the group. File sharing is extremely simple with slack that brings your files and conversations surrounding them together. 


The best feature Trello has is its clean and easy to use interface. Trello is marked as one of the best project management software and online collaboration tools. This platform allows team members to create boards or lists that can be organized by teams and different tasks. Within these tasks also, each task could be assigned to team members by setting up to-do lists, assign cards and provide feedback in the comment section.

Trello is a web friendly application or it is also downloadable in both  iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, Trello allows integrations with apps like Github, Google Drive and slack. It can be downloaded for free of costs. One of the most effective project management tools that allows work flexibility, easy communications among team members made Trello a popular virtual working application in 2020. 

The coronavirus pandemic  has taught everyone new things especially to the employers and the professionals. There are other different collaboration software that each organization has picked for 2020 that free or pain and have made work sharing and communication easy. 

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