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Email marketing is a technique that gets message to the perspective clients and existing clients for any business. It is a paradox of a digital age. More than 3 billion people are available digitally all over the world. To convey your message has become three times easier than it was a decade ago.  Either personal message or a commercial message for your product or service, digital marketing has helped a business connect with the potential users. In all of the digital marketing, email marketing is one of the tools that help any business send a commercial message to the specific user groups. Email marketing is treated as a potential or current customer promotes the product or service of a company. 

The most popular email-marketing trend in the 21stcentury attracts consumer for a product that mostly focuses on a personal story, which is relatable to a consumer rather than a commercial ideas endorsed by the celebrity. As a business owner, you could spend a lot of money on branding, get everything right, however, if the story is not relatable to the general public, all the money spend would just be a big loss for the company.  Marketers used to pay a lot of money to celebrity to endorse their products. However, with a different trend, people have started listening to mothers who they can relate to or their neighbor who endorse a product. It is because the customers can relate to these mothers into a deep level and relate to them, rather than a celebrity. 

A story that is relatable to a consumer, with a personal touch goes a long way. If you see any product in the social media or ad tells a story. A story where a normal person who works 9-5 from their workplace, or someone who works couple of hours from their home office could relate and gets attracted to the product, not because they have spend thousands of dollars in advertising, it is because they could relate to the story of the brand or that product. Marketing plays a huge role in people buying a product or purchasing a service.  If you tell your story and how you came to use the service, how it has affected your mental health, family and your life over all, people listen to those stories and gets convinced to purchase more. 

Email marketing is one of the best ways to distribute content for a product or a service by telling a personal story which your potential client relate to. 

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