6 Ways Coronavirus Pandemic is an Opportunity

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Millions in death-toll during the coronavirus pandemic, while the whole world is going through devastating times with many businesses getting affected, this time could be used as an opportunity. Although, times are at its worst, you may think this is the dead end to your career, use time wisely and make your passion come true. If there is no opportunity that is created by others, create it yourself. It is about time, ease of internet and even just from your mobile phone, you can make it all happen and make yourself known to the world. 

Ever since the lockdown, most companies have started work from home policies for everyone in the companies. Many of us are not used to this kind of freedom or probably are not able to create the surrounding environment to actually sit and work at home. However, with the chaos going around the world, this might be just the right time and opportunity to indulge yourself and create that space around you to effectively and efficiently work from the comfort of your home. 

Here are the 6 ways the coronavirus pandemic could be used as an opportunity and, help give back to the world:

Protect the world from the coronavirus pandemic 

The whole world is going through the coronavirus pandemic. The death toll is increasing rapidly that we could actually imagine. During this time working from home would help the spread and socially distancing yourself not just save your life or your family’s, it also helps save people’s life that you come in contact with at your workplace. Therefore, limiting the number of people you meet, avoiding shaking hands and hugging, you are contributing to decreasing the number of people who could be infected from the virus. Hence, you are not only contributing to your own wellbeing, you are also contributing to the whole world. 

Save Commute time

Another best reason to work from home is saving your commute time. With traffic, fuel emission, that adversely affect the environment and your own health, you are not only saving your commute time, but also, giving back to mother nature.  Having all the time in your hands, also means that you will save a lot of money at Starbucks or Costa cafe and might as well skip your favorite breakfast place and eat healthy at home. 

Working in Your pjs

Nobody likes to leave their bed when you are enjoying your sleep and leave the comfort of your warm and cozy bed. Working from home gives you an option not to spend a lot of time worrying about what to wear and waste so much time getting ready to actually be at  your workplace. Working in the comfort of your favorite pajamas, and even on the slow and depressing days from the comfort of your cozy bed. It is wonderful for your skin, since you won’t be putting on so much makeup or the pile of laundry does not get higher.

Eating Healthy for low costs

Our busy lives have made us eat out more often and not be mindful about our eating habits. Sometimes, eating out all three meals out could wreck your bank as well. However, working from home, you might as well bring the chef out in you and make something healthy. Furthermore, eating at home is way more cheaper than eating every lunch or dinner out at a fastfood or a fancy restaurant. The homemade meals just have magic to fill you up enough and save a lot from your wallet. 

Understanding your capabilities

Coronavirus could be seen as an opportunity! Since, you will have so much time extra that you have saved from commuting, getting ready and socializing, you could use this time on your dream project. Remember that one project you thought was your passion, however, you always felt you did not have enough time to move forward.

That one video on your youtube channel you kept postponing because you did not have time to edit the video, that gardening project you so longed for, being a parent to your children you so wanted to spend time without having to quit your only income source? All of those unfinished work could now happen, and the coronavirus pandemic is the best time to make it happen. You have now time in your hands to understand your capabilities and carry these projects, without having to quit your job. 

Working without colleague distraction 

Working with your colleague might be one of your forte, however, so many things gets pushed from the first half of the day to the second half and then to the next week. Without all the distractions from your colleague, you could finish your work in half of the time and even become more productive. Working from home helps you avoid all the distraction and focus solely on your work and finish it in half the time you would actually allocate for the specific task.

Coronavirus have done more damage to the world than we could imagine. Millions of people have already lost their lives and millions will lose their lives in upcoming days. However, using this time wisely and as an opportunity you could stop yourself from getting the virus or become a reason why someone got infected. Staying home and staying safe is the motto during this time when all the world is suffering. 

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