5 Tricks to Convince a Client

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5 Tricks to Convince a Client

Working in sales, you get to meet different types of clients. You may only get a few seconds with a client where you could make a lasting impression or those few seconds may turn out to be a disaster. One of the best things you learn in sales is learning body language and psychology. Turn a “No, thank you” to “Yes, Please!”. A powerful tool for convincing a client is also a piece of cake. Be patient and listen to a client.

Although, there are many ways to convince clients, here are our recommendations:

1. Growing relation with them

A good and long term relationship starts with being patient and listen to a person who you are trying to deal with. Instead of talking about your own interest, try to engage them in the conversation. Usually, people love to talk about themselves and somehow one topic always gets connected to some other topics. Therefore, you know what kind of things interest them. Moreover, small conversations about a lot of topics lead to a great conversation, which results in bonding with them and building a relationship with them.

2. Listen and be patient

You are aware of your expertise, business, product or service. However, your prospective client may not have the same knowledge as you do about the product. They might want to share their experience of a similar product. Be patient and listen to them. Your client could be just a 5 year old at home who has something to share constantly about their experience. Giving them options, suggesting with ideas would help build trust. However, be cautious of what you say, you might hit a wrong spot. It is always better to compliment them instead of pointing them out.

3. Work harder than they do

Work hard! Do your research, learn about their company’s mission and vision and learn about their competitor. If you research and do your homework, you would find so many resources to know about their competition. This will lead in them trusting you and your research. Social media has become an amazing tool these days to know a person. It would be easier to find about the clients and their interest. Find out and talk to them about those stuff, hear them out, be energetic and show interest in them.

4. Be a resource guru

You could be a resource for your client. Learn about what they want to bring out through their businesses, what other similar businesses are there in the market. Suggest a better way to grow their business and the market share to make their service and product stand out in the market. Everybody loves a resourceful person. Be the one for your client.

5. Be there to guide them in their way

Not everyone is perfect and knows how things work. Do not try to play hard to get with their emails, phone calls, and messages. If you do not have an answer, instead of giving some gibberish, tell them that you will get back to them. A client may do their research and give you too much information when you do not need it to finalize the task! Always be there for them like a business partner and a friend.

Furthermore, there are so many ways to get on the soft side of a person. Dedicate your time and effort in building long term relationships. Work on building trust. It will enrich your relationship and help you succeed.

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