5 Reasons Why you Need a Responsive Website in 2019

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5 Reasons Why you Need a Responsive Website in 2019

Yet, another year in technology, and it keeps getting better than the previous year. Business has moved from uploading their products, services, podcasts, and videos online from their mobile phones. Instead of waiting around, mobile phones have also given a business, to write, edit and upload from their mobile devices. In the faced paced life, even the customers want everything on their palm and seek for the information on their mobile phones or tablets, instead of having to open a laptop.

With the increasing use of tablet and mobile phones, a company with website should have a responsive website. It is crucial for client engagement, avoiding frustration, and keeping a client happy with your business. Here is why you need to have a responsive website in 2019.  

More number of mobile phone users

It may come to you as a surprise; however, you could see everybody on their mobile phones now a days. Data packages from the mobile companies have become lower, increasing more people using their mobile phones instead of looking anything up on a computer. If the websites are not mobile friendly, how long would you think your customer stay on the website? Chances are you will loose most of your customers because the websites are not responsive.

Fastest Way to Find Information is Mobile Phones

Commuters who read, plug in their earphones, and scroll through social media page, blogs and any other posts on their mobile devices or tablets. If you want to reach out to your prospect clients and drive traffic using the new methodologies, make sure the website is responsive for all the latest device and browser responsive. In doing so, you could avoid many disappointments for the clients and get them engaged in your website.

Keep You Customer Happy instead of Frustrated

If you are looking for a happy customer, without a frustration, responsive website is a must. A study has noted that more that 51% of the customer are frustrated after seeing non responsive website. It could also suggest that, an organization does not care about their business ventures let alone providing a good customer service experience.

Decrease the Loading Time for a Website.

A busy lifestyle requires access to information with a click of a button. This is one of the major expectations of a mobile phone user, that they get information as fast as possible from the Internet. Responsive website always load much faster than the desktop version. Longer the user waits for a website to load, faster they are diverted to the competition website. Therefore, it is imperative for a business to get a responsive website.

Mobile has become a Priority

You may leave your house without your lunch, but you always remember your mobile phone. Technology has made us slave of our mobile or tablet devices. Without mobile phone most people feel handicapped. Mobile has become our necessity for accessing any information, reaching to a place, connecting to the friends, family and your business. With so many competition out there, it is essential that you provide your customer with a user-friendly websites.  

To Sum it All

We cannot stress enough on how much information flows online and more users have been using Internet to search information online. With the popularity of using mobile phones and tablets, responsive website is a must for a happy customer and traffic on the website. A must have in 2019 is a mobile friendly website.

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