3 Powerful Tools for Schools in Nepal for 2020

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3 Powerful Tools for Schools in Nepal for 2020

Normal is not normal after the coronavirus pandemic hit the world in 2019. Nepal has become one of the most effected countries and has affected the education sectors. The downfall of the economy because of the lockdown, business closing down before they even started and even the education has affected in such a way it hurts everyone. Although, the government schools have not taken on the online classes because of the cut off budget, Nepal government is trying different ways to make education available to all via television after collaboration with many service providers such as Nepal TV and Vianet etc. 

Homeschooling is not an option in a developing country like Nepal and many private schools have come up with the solutions to providing education and making classes available. Afterall, schools also have to make money and also provide education to the future generations. Many families have help at home and could give time to their children online, whereas some struggle because they either do not have help or both the parents are working.

 Either way, students are able to attend classes online, learn while teachers also do their best teaching class of 40 students. We could tell that the attention span of a student is probably a couple of minutes if they are younger children. Most of the teachers wish they could go back to normal already, however, they are doing everything possible to give their students quality education. 

Here are the few communication tools that teachers use to take classes. 


Teachers in Nepal use Meet as a communication tool, possibly because most teachers have gmail accounts and another is that it is easier to use. Sharing document files are convenient with the google hangouts. 

This may not be effective however, Meet could be used on an internet browser or downloaded from the app store. 


Although zoom is considered as a professional, many schools in Nepal are using Zoom as a teaching and learning tool. Simple to use, classes could be accessed just by clicking on a link. The best part is the meetings could be recorded so that the students could go back to reviewing the classes.

Creating zoom meetings are extremely easy, some meetings may require passwords whereas others could be accessed just by clicking the link. 


Although youtube is not the tool that is often used for taking classes, it may have been overlooked, because it could be one of the amazing tools a student would use to go back and study. Their favorite lectures could be downloaded and it is easier to revise. 

Youtube has a list of options that an educator can use and make private settings for classes. Go live and ask students to ask questions online or discuss on the live chat, or teachers could prepare online content and send it to their students. Specially in Nepal where internet may not be available or the connection maybe slow. Youtube videos can be downloaded for the pupils and could be studied at their convenience.

Although there are so many ways to make the classes better, and provide teachers tools and training, schools are not providing adequate tools for the teachers. Educators are suffering, also the students because being at home with parents taking online classes for 3 hours. Students do not get the attention they need because the fact is parents cannot actually be the teachers. 

Lockdown has prepared everyone a different way to deal with our life events, using the tools that are available to make education possible. Although schools are still making big bucks, this lockdown has shown us how the education system would be like in the future. Students shall also not be spoonfed for when it comes to learning and parents would give more time to teach their children instead of taking teachers for granted they would appreciate the effort of teachers. 

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