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One of the most intimidating things for any business that is generating a little profit than previous years and the year before is change. Over the years, many aspects of the business might change. Change such as, business module, target clients, direction of the business, functionality, implementations of new ideas. Whatever it may be, your clients are always looking for something to prosper their business. In this digital age, where everything is available online, a business should be able to drive the traffic and engage the new clients. This is where a revamping of website comes into picture.

The website serves as a profile of a business. When you go for a business meeting, would you not want to look your best? When you interview someone, would you not want him or her to look their best and put their best presentations? Similarly, a website serves a first impression to your prospect client. The good website serves as a great platform to show your profile of the company. A modern website should therefore, be renovated completed every couple of years and developed continuously in the meantime. In addition, to complement any personal or business websites, campaign sites, landing pages, as well as other communication or marketing tools are one of the most essential things to drive the traffic to the website. It is important to create content that speaks to a user. Images speak to a person about a brand story rather than content.

There are many reasons why revamping your website is extremely essential. Below are the few reasons:


The most important feature in any website is the functionality and the usability in a website. Think of it as a customer who is looking to buy something online. In how many clicks do you get from the homepage to your desired item? Are the products and their descriptions readily available to the users? The three click rules states that, the visitor should be able to reach what they are looking for in the three clicks or fewer. Another important aspect is the functionality available to smart phones or tablets. Nowadays, everything is available on your palm, with the click of a button. The optimization to these devices are extremely important, while considering revamping of any existing website.


Consistency is always the key, either its in revamping or any presentation. It gives a perfect opportunity to refine its look and fee. The consistency in designs that matches the branding stands out to the users. Apart from the branding, typography, color palette, and imagery can provides consistency and familiarity to the new website. Lets say for an example, you were to make a power point presentation, and the person who is doing the presentation has use a lot of colors, images only and has a lot of new background. No matter how powerfully they speak, you will lose your interest from the presentation in the matter of 3rd slide. Therefore, always consider consistency in the website while revamping.


Redirects is one of the of the main way to drive traffic to your website. If you are thinking of revamping your website, check if you would like to use the existing website and focus on the strength, rather than doing everything from scratch. Focus on the strength of the website you already have. If you would like to redesign, try to get as many content in your existing website, and focus on the existing URLs so you can hang on to those inbound links.

However, if your website is not in place, disorganized and confusing, redesigning the whole website would be the best thing for the business. In such case, hold on to your valuable contentment and set up a redirect so your inbound links and established SEO are not completely lost. 301 redirect could be used on the existing page to their counterparts on the new website.


SEO audit is one of the most important factor, before even you begin to map out your new website. Audit and see how the existing website is performing. Track down all the inbound links going through all the subdomains. This research would help and give you amazing ideas on what you should keep from your old website and implement in the new website.

Quality Content

Quality of your content, pages and posts always drives users and make them stay on your webpage. Perhaps, your old website already has decent chunk of information, it would be perfect to redo and generate new content for the new website. One of the best thing would be utilizing the SEO audit to see what drives the most attention on your website. Find the flaws, however, focus on the strengths. The best content management strategy includes a diverse selection such as engage product copy, valuable eBooks, informative white papers, and well-timed press releases. Before mapping out, always plan the detailed content, which fits into the new website’s hierarchy.

Rare redesigns

Don’t get it confused that when we say rare designs. Although a new great design can give your website the new boots, revamping should also have all the power that existed for years. The new designs not only should look appealing, it should also be managed easily within existing framework. A good redesign not has to overhaul every time you want to add a new content and launch new product line. Most important factor is that your content management team should be able to update the site easily. Although, its better to outsource the revamping to the experts outside the company to launch a revamped website, most important thing is an adequate access to maintain the website for a long term from within the company.

To sum it all

Revamping your existing website could seem like a heavy tasks and so many things needs to be considered before you even start mapping out the new website design. However, the rewards of revamping will drive potential users and traffic to your new website. In a long run, it always a great idea and a mindful approach to your project and launch your new website.

The experts are just here to help you do all that.

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