6 Qualities of a Great Leader

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A powerful leader is sometimes born and sometimes groomed over a period of time with their experiences. A leader who finds positive traits even when there are no other options, they always believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. They bring themselves out along with their team members and push them to bring the best in each other. An efficient and powerful leader brings remedy in a smaller task to a bigger project, instead of playing the blame game.

“Don’t find the fault, find the remedy” — HENRY FORD.

There are the three important P’s of an effective and powerful leader.


A great leader must be honest. When a leader takes ownership, it inspires everyone to be the same. Honesty starts with being true to yourself. When you are honest with yourself, it inspires everyone else around you to do the same. There are many managers that you work with might just get away with blaming over and over again for a failure of a project or mistakes that may occur in the work. However, one of the strongest qualities of a leader is honesty. 


A great leader must be a delegate. A strong leader represents every single person in their team. When something needs to be presented, a leader should properly and respectfully present ideas of all the teammates. When a manager takes credit for all the work done by teammates or even one, it does not show the sign of a great leader. A great leader is a wonderful delegate and represents ideas of the teammates as their own. 


A compassionate leader is one of the greatest leaders for teammates. A compassionate leader leads and inspires others, encourages and empowers everyone. When someone is compassionate towards somebody else, they never forget. It helps cultivate people who love working for you and not making them work for you.   


A great leader takes responsibility for their actions and desires excellence, works hard and achieves great results. Results a responsible leader produces because they follow through all the necessary steps, pay attention to details and make a successful team. A strong leader is responsible and never hesitates, they are responsible regardless. 


How you approach clients, consumers, colleagues and teammates is one of the best qualities of a great leader. There are many ways to approach and mostly there are three ways to approach anybody, psychology suggests. These three approaches are situational, contingency and behavioral approaches.  Not everybody understands things the same way, everyone has their own unique way of approaching someone else. A great leader understands the psychology of the person they are approaching in a way they understand the situation. 


Intuition is another quality of a great leader. An intuitive leader is not afraid to make a decision. They make a calculative decision without rushing into one. A great leader considers all the options, listens to all the advice and allows their unconscious mind to make the decision. 

In conclusion, 

A better leader is a person who brings the best out of the person, whereas, a person who does not have planning, presentation and performance lacks the quality of a better leader. With greater power comes even greater responsibility. Therefore, a powerful leader becomes responsible for each of their team members and brings the best out of them.

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