5 Ways to Increase Site Speed Optimization

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One of the most important for your website is the loading time. Anybody visiting a website would only give three seconds to load the website. There are a few tricks to get the website up to speed and people are not bored with your website.

Asterisk hubs could help you speed up and keep people around. However, here are some tips for you to use.

Opting for the better hosting services

The best way to choose a better website host is to use the most popular option used worldwide is shared hosting. It is the most affordable website hosting. If you would like to change your hosting do not forget to search for a provider who sets you up with the fastest speed for your website.  

Shared Hosting

Once you choose a service provider, choose an affordable hosting to get the most in a short span of time. The fastest hosting is the shared hosting for a website that provides with the high level of optimization.

Dedicated Services

The most expensive hosting option is a dedicated server. Dedicated server could be expensive, however, this server would be owned by you. With the entire dedicated server, you will have full control of the hosting.

Size of the Images

Websites of 2019, have images and videos on the landing page. Images serve as first impression for any website. For a listing websites, ecommerce websites, images plays important role in sales or website visit. Using a reduced size image that could help with increasing site optimization.

Reduced number of plugins

Plugins works a great deal while creating a website. They help add any features required by the website. More plugins meaning, that the website works slower than how it’s supposed to work. This may reduce the site optimization. Therefore, cutting down on the number of plugins could help with increased site optimization.

These are a few ways to increase the site optimization. There are other ways to increase the speed of the landing page and keep the website visitor engaged. If you are looking to transfer you hosting and need server space for a reasonable costs, contact the amazing team at Asterisk hubs.

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