5 Strong Features for Client’s Website

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5 Strong Features for Client's Website

Either you are a service provider or a digital marketer, your clients deserve a few enticing and essential features that makes them best from the rest of their competition. Businesses nowadays look for more than just a webpage for their products or services, even with a digital agency who builds their website. Businesses look for potential partners with the digital agency who created their portfolio in the first place. 

Less is more! In this minimalistic generation, having less has more value. A potential client should have the following features in their websites. The following features make the clients gain more sales revenue, stand out from the rest of their competition and their potential clients. 

1. Clear Portfolio

Your website is the resume or your portfolio. Be clear and straightforward with your website. As the older saying goes, first impression is the best impression. It is true for your websites as well. Your future clients or current clients may be drawn to your product or service at the first glance and discover what they are actually looking for their business.  A clear message without ambiguity, lets a client stay engaged on your webpage.

2. Contact Page

The most basic and important thing for you as a service provider is that you could be easily contacted and get in touch. Make sure that you could be contacted, therefore, make sure you are easily reachable. Your contact page, email address or phone numbers are visible to them. Perhaps, a CTA that lets your client contact you with a click of a button is an essential feature.

3. Testimonials features

Testimonials are one of the most important things that your future and potential clients look for in your website. Before the online business started, it was all word to mouth publicity. However, now a business looks for partnership and also looks for what other clients have to say and how you have influenced their business. 

4. SEO is a Game Changer

SEO is a game changer for all of the business. In this age, everybody searches for information online rather than calling someone for help or finding it in browsers and books. Make sure you have a higher ranking page for your own business or website to be able to cater to your clients. Use blogs, vlogs, active social media, keywords as the benefit to make your website appear on the top of the list. 

5. Responsive Pages

One of the most wanted and needed quality is a responsive website. We are always on the go and so is your client. If you do not have a device friendly webpage, 70% of chances are the person searching is not likely going to engage in your websites. Update the website that could be accessible in all the latest devices and browsers. 

Designs play vital role in the type of business. So does the color and branding for the business. One of the engagement factors for a business to stay engaged on your website are enticing and alluring designs and the creativity that goes on making each designs from logos, color, features and functionalities.

Any businesses now have more than 20 different competition around the area. Statistics suggests that, if you would like to stand out from the crowd, as a business, your digital agency should provide you with amazing features that attracts the potential costumers.

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