5 Best communication tools in Project Management

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One of the best things about working on a project is that every project is unique and every project has something interesting about it. Project management plays a huge role that impacts team members, project manager, clients, and any other who is connected with the project management. The communication between every one in the team including the client is the most important thing for any project and the team members. 

There are many tools that are recommended for the communication of a project. Here are 5 best communication tools for a project management.


One of the most trending communication tools in project management is Slack. Slack helps create channel for each project separately that brings right people, communicate about the specific project information, and tools that helps get the work done. All over the world, millions of people use slack for communication, to connect their teams, grow future of a business and stay connected. It also allows team members to create a separate channel for each project and make it private or public. 


Confluence is another communication tools that can create different kind of communication links from meeting notes to project documents, sales and marketing plans, and policies of any business. It also allows user to create customizable template to add personality, videos, and gifs to make an actual work become more interactive. Confluence is a product of Atlasian, which also has other products like Jira software, Jira Align, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Trello, Bitbucket.


Flock API allows users to build their own apps and integration. It has multiple users touch a point that allows users to create many useful commands. These commands include pop-ups, the sidebar and widgets-apps. Additionally, it is easier to discover and use this platform. Furthermore, flock brings the team members, tools, and workflows on one platform. This system helps everyone on the team be more productive and efficient. 


Workplace by Facebook is an easy to use, technology that is used for communication, cultures, and workflows in an organization. This technology is used from small-scale industries to the larger corporates.  It helps organizes a two-way conversation throughout the organization. Workplace, allows a seamless communication and knowledge sharing. There are more features in the workplace platform, which allows users to use live video for immediate, direct and authentic sharing, auto translate, getting a real time feedback, likes, comments and reactions.

Zoho Cliq  

Zoho Cliq is an effective information-sharing platform from all the application you already use without leaving your chat window. Integrations with the platforms you already use such as zoho CRM, Trello, Mailchimp, dropbox, allows users flexibility of sharing and viewing information. Zoho Cliq allows this flexibility. It also, allows user to participate in a real-time messaging, task management and automation making team collaboration simple. 

Although, there is many project management tools in the market, is it always in the best interest of a company to find the best package that fits your teammates need and the clients need. There are many options for smaller businesses and the larger enterprise to use from. 

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