The role of Artificial Intelligence in our lives

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The role of Artificial Intelligence in our lives

Artificial intelligence have taken over our lives. Reading the barcode and showing the competitive prices, giving the direction to a destination just by recognizing your voice. Artificial intelligence has made life easier for everyone. A phone call to a person though Alexa or Siri, and getting information about anything in a few seconds have made. 

With Artificial intelligence trending in every single part of life, our lives and decision making is affected by a simple google search. Companies in the digital world ought to consider the importance of artificial intelligence. Day in, day out, it has someone become a part of our daily lives. 

The concept of artificial intelligence influences business in massive ways. Helping manage global supply chain to daily deliveries giving competitive advantage of the innovators. From customer service to being a host and server at a restaurant, artificial intelligence is a life changer for many. It has helped many businesses making bigger statistical calculations and financial decisions. Therefore, helping in increasing productivity and less human efforts and errors. 

Integration of artificial intelligence has also helped save lives calculating many errors and saving millions of dollars. It is the future of the information technology where the machines would solve problems and perform the complicated surgeries or even discover new planets in the future. AI powered suggestions that pops up on Netflix or the song recognition on spotify helps us making decision easy. 

Simply put, artificial intelligence helps with making decisions for smaller or bigger corporations, make more logical decision. The future of artificial intelligence not only helps with the technology, it also, with smallest daily tasks to performing surgeries. AI makes our life so much easier, if we take it away it may change our lives.  

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