Suman Raj Sharma

Production Director

Suman has worked as an IT professional and contributed to this field for almost 2 decades. He started his career teaching graphic designing and MS Office 101, he continued working in software companies as a chief architect. Started as a developer, he grew his competencies in the software world and in a very short time started in a leadership position, establishing terrific development teams. 

Suman is always motivated and open to learning new techniques to solve complex problems. His amazing time management and synergistic organizational skills has made him top of his games and work focused. He motivates and encourages not only his team members but all of his colleagues to learn and discover new ideas. He possesses intelligence, dedicated and extremely professional deliverables has made him popular among his clients. He is not only a strategic leader, he also works independently in his personal projects. He believes, there is always a learning curve if you work independently. 

Extremely helpful in nature, he takes care of a project from the initiation to execution. He is a glue that holds the team together. Suman researches extensively for any project and gives the best option to move forward with business choices, both for Asterisk Hubs and its clients. He is always determined to finish his work on the given time, maintaining a work life balance. He always looks for emerging trends and technologies and up to date with everything in the IT. 

He loves still photography, spends quality time playing guitar and singing.When he is not out  with his family, he spends time with nature and goes on hikes. He loves his toddler and strongly focuses on family values.

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