Pratibha Bhattarai

Creative and Marketing Director

Pratibha has been in sales and marketing for more than a decade. She has worked in the United States for 7 years at PepsiCo and spent many fruitful years negotiating outstanding business deals. She has also worked in the Emirates for 2 years as a Brand Manager and contributed to business development for a prestigious organization. She believes that there is a learning curve in any business deal and a successful business requires healthy relationships between companies. At the moment, she lives in the bay area in the USA and manages our US office.

Always a learning enthusiastic, a go getter! If she is not traveling, she is always learning new skills, culture, a language or practicing her yoga and meditation. Although she switched her career in 2015 to the software industry, she had always loved the IT world. She is always updated with new technology. She is a blogger, digital marketer, SEO expert, communication expert with amazing presentation skills. Therefore, she handles Creative Department and Marketing at Asterisk Hubs with charisma. 

Pratibha is a humanitarian who advocates for underprivileged and abused children and women. She serves as an Ambassador for Nepal at Global Goodwill Ambassador and Global Peace Ambassador. She is also a member of Pakistan Safety Council. A yog guru who has positive attitude towards everything in life. She believes, yog has taught her to be patient and achieve everything in life.

She always carries a smile and a positive attitude.

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