Prajwol Ratna Bajracharya

Sales & Business Development Director

Prajwol has been working as an IT professional for the past two decades. He studied computer science from a prestigious university in Nepal. During his university years, he grew his love for coding and he loved finding solutions to the complex problems for projects and also lead his classmates in his final project. Soon after graduating, Prajwol started working as a developer and worked his way up to being a Business Project Manager. In his tenure as an IT professional he practiced agile methodology, worked with numerous project management tools and became a Certified Scrum Master, encouraging his team to follow good scrum practice. Prajwol is a kind of a leader who focuses on strength rather than weaknesses of his team member and motivates and helps to be better at the skills, which benefits not just at a current job, but for their bright future as well.

His effective communication and negotiation skills has contributed in  maintaining his strong PR skill with clients from all over the world. His openness to learning culture and amazing listening skills has enhanced his relationship with the clients especially from Japan, Israel, Germany, Belgium, US, UK and Australia. He not only motivates his team, but also researches the scalability of the business of his clients to grow their business digitally.

As also served as an event manager in one of the largest organizations. His main purpose to serve in the event management was to fill the gaps between different members from different departments. Understanding filling this void also boosts the interpersonal skills and opens new doors to the employees of the organization.  He installed toastmaster club, to motivate his fellow colleagues to develop their leadership and public communication skills. 

Furthermore, when Prajwol is not working he spends time playing soccer, listening to music, playing and creating beats on his Cajon. He believes these activities freshens him up, enhances his creativity and helps him brainstorm bigger and better ideas. He loves outdoor activities like rafting and enjoys nature, therefore, whenever he gets time after spending time with his toddler, he goes on a short hike. After taking a course from Vipassana, in Nepal, he  found out that to unleash himself, meditation is the best medicine. He believes meditation helps him escape the chaotic corporate world and everytime you see him sit peacefully, you know he is focusing on his breath and meditation. He loves to spend as much time as possible with his family. 

Prajwol also believes that we should give back to our community. He volunteers in local blood donation programs.

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