Bipin Karmacharya

Consultant (Nepal)

For more than a decade, Bipin has worked in IT industry in several organizations in different capacities. Learning from each project, Bipin has understood the need of any business and implemented right tools for small organization to corporate world. From the initial stage to production, testing and execution and even is an expert in marketing the products.

Bipin immersed himself in different sectors of business in Nepal developing strong creative content and strategic solution on expanding business of the clients. He has also helped many clients come with the solution for evolving and changing market. He has worked with clients in different industries like tourism, health, online sales, education, food & energy and contributed on expansion of their business in an international level. 

Bipin has also worked with the prospective clients with branding and market the product to prospective clients. Although, he started working with small businesses in his hometown, Bhaktapur, he is now serving several clients across the country. 

With his strong suit in  public relations, marketing, branding he would seek not only for a project but strategic partnerships and building relationships with the clients. 

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