Ajesh Mahato

Consultant (LA, USA)

Ajesh is a professional Software Engineer and based in the United States. Over the past 7 years, Ajesh has been working as a software engineer. Upon graduation from Kathmandu University in Nepal, he migrated to Malaysia, to work for one of the largest financial institutions. Thereof, he moved to the United States for further education in Computer Science and started his career in software industries.

Over the past few years, Ajesh has worked with the clients in various industries such as healthcare, real-estate, finance building software and making their digital dream come true. His expertise is mostly in building e-commerce software with millions of users. He keeps up to date with the latest technology and suggests clients to innovate as per the trending demand in the market. 

In his spare time, Ajesh likes to surf on the beach, camp in the woods and travel the world.

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