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creating big for small business

Any small business idea start with a need and creation of something big starts with small steps. Just like how we know a few drops makes an ocean. Similarly, creating big things for small businesses so that they take a huge step starts with their presence in the digital form.

Since, the Covid-19 hit in the year 2020, many mindsets have changed, many started making their hobbies and passion their full time job and took small steps. So many of these businesses took a huge step when they understood the market need just by taking a small step, GOING DIGITAL!

When all of us were locked inside our homes, many innovative ideas came into life and it all started with a simple website. It also gave new hope for those people who want to run their side gigs, keeping their full time job, or to the people who are finally ready to take their business to the next step.

Here are the simple tips that a small businesses websites need to bring them to life.

  1. Homepage
  2. About Us Page
  3. Contact Us page
  4. Services or Product Page


Homepage of a small business contains a visual representation of what the business is all about, either a short video or a photo that tells the visitors about the services provides. In the homepage, important announcements, how the clients can reach the business owner would be available. Basically, an overview of the company, or the first impression of the business.

About Us Page

About us page is a brief information about what the company, team members, vision and what the company is actually all about.

Contact Us Page

The easiest way for a website visitor to reach your business. This page can have a contact us box, phone number, email address and even social links so that your clients and customers can connect with you.

Product or Services Page

Product or services page is the most important page while creating your website. Regardless of what you are providing to your website visitor, this page is the most important page of all pages. In this page, a business should highlight the fast moving products, most loved products and products depending on the market needs, either seasonal or whatever is trending. If you do not sell any product but provide services to your client, then, highlight the services that your business is great at doing. The core part of your business could also be highlighted in the page.

There are other pages that you can add to your websites, like blog page, FAQs section. Usually a business that sells products have product detail page that also has an e-commerce or woo-commerce for their visitors to buy their products. However, keeping the website as clean as possible without putting too many information is recommended. Website that does not have many external links are also recommended. Besides, there is a simple rule for a website, specially, since people now a days check the website on their mobiles. The rule is called ‘three clicks rule’, meaning if the client does not see what they are looking for in three click, chances are they are not going to engage in the website.

To sum it all

Digital presence is extremely important specially now when everyone shops online and looks up things online. If you are a startup this is even more important to reach to your potential client. Allocate a budget for the digital presence and to reach to the clients.

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